There are a lot of people who are aware that yogurt is actually a healthy food product. There are even some who make it a point to include yogurt in their diet because they are aware about how yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Some make it a point to eat it every day and there are some countries wherein people cannot help but eat yogurt. What about you, how much do you know about the health benefits that yogurt can give?
For those who do not know, yogurt is actually fermented milk this means that this is milk that has been turned sour for a purpose. This is the reason why the taste is somewhat similar aside from the usual sour taste of plain yogurt.
Do remember that there are different types of yogurt that are available though. Instead of getting all confused about the type of yogurt that you are going to get, one thing to remember is to always choose yogurt with live active cultures or live good bacteria since this can give better benefits than other types
Yogurt can be ingested by the lactose intolerant
There are some people who are not aware that yogurt is actually easier to digest than milk and those who are lactose intolerant can actually take yogurt and not have to worry about their digestion problems afterwards. The lactose that is available in yogurt can be absorbed better by the body because of the live cultures (good bacteria).
2. Yogurt can aid digestion
If you are the type of person who is always having problem with digestion and trying to get rid of the toxins from the food that you have eaten, you may want to take in yogurt even as a desert or as a part of your main meal since this can help digest the other food products and at the same time, it can promote regular digestion too. You can do this by taking in a cup of yogurt daily. Once again, remember that plain, unsweetened yogurt is the best.
3. Yogurt can promote weight loss
Right now, there are a lot of people who are having problems with losing weight because even though they would like to lose weight, they are not losing it at the rate that they want. This can be improved greatly with the use of yogurt. The good bacteria that can be found in yogurt can help promote digestion and can help metabolism become faster which means that losing weight can be possible as well.
4. Yogurt can help the body become stronger
There are some people who are naturally sickly and would always fall under certain types of sickness. It seems that yogurt also has natural boosting properties that can help the body become stronger. Studies show that those who take in more yogurt are usually stronger and are less prone to diseases than those who do not take in yogurt every day.
5. Yogurt can aid in making intestinal infections go away
There are some conditions that usually result to the intestines getting injured and problematic. The healing process that will allow the intestines to recover and become better may take some time but this can be improved with the use of yogurt. This is the reason why yogurt is also used as a good food that can be used to combat diarrhea and other intestinal infections.

6. Yogurt can be used against vaginal yeast infection
A lot of women would not want to admit it but there is quite a huge percentage of women who actually get vaginal yeast infection because of fungi. This is usually caused by not being so hygienic. Once people have it however, one of the home remedies that can be used to get rid of it is yogurt. It can just be placed on a tampon and the tampon will be inserted in the vagina for a few hours. It can then be removed and replaced afterwards until the yeast infection starts to improve. Aside from this, vaginal yeast infection can also be used for other home remedies.
7. Yogurt can give people enough calcium
While milk is known to give the body enough calcium in order to help the bones remain strong, yogurt is also enough to give people the amount of calcium that they would need in a day. Studies actually show that the same amount of milk and yogurt can produce different amounts of calcium and surprisingly, yogurt can give better amounts of calcium.
8. Yogurt can help prevent the onset of high blood pressure
There are some people who normally get high blood pressure from time to time. For most people, getting high blood pressure is caused by eating too much fatty food products. There are also some people who get high blood pressure because of the events that they have to go through. In order to lower the blood pressure to normal, people are recommended to take yogurt. Yogurt can help flush out the sodium that might be in abundance in the body and this can effectively lower the blood pressure considerably.
9. Yogurt can help lower cholesterol
It seems that there are some people who have high cholesterol once again because of the food that they usually eat. Fatty, fried and sweet food products may cause high cholesterol but this can be changed with the use of yogurt. The good bacteria that can be found in yogurt can help in taking away and lowering people’s cholesterol levels.
10. Yogurt can be good for the teeth
Now this might come as a surprise to a lot of people because a lot of people are not aware that yogurt can actually be good for the teeth. The main reason why it is good is because it can act as a protection against cavities which a lot of people get from taking in a lot of sweets and also neglecting to brush the teeth twice a day. The lactic acid in yogurt can also help in protecting not just the mouth but also the gums.
So go to shop, and get one for yourselves now.

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