If there is one part of your body that you want to protect, it is your skin. This covers your whole body and taking care of it can make you feel good about yourself. A lot of people with good skin are normally confident because having good skin can make anyone look physically pleasing. If you love your skin, you know that it will love you back.This article will show you how to get rid of bumps on your face fast and naturally.The bumps that you have on your face may be caused by a variety of things.  You can consider them as acne, pimples and even blemishes. No matter what you call them, the only important thing for you is that you are going to get rid of them effectively



One common type of bump that appears on the skin is a papule, which is a type of pimple. Unlike pustules, which are the type of pimple that have a yellowish, liquid blister of pus, papules are solid to the touch.
Both papules and pustules appear when the pores of the skin become so clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria that the walls of the pore break.
Papules can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. If these do not work, a doctor who specializes in skin known as a dermatologist can prescribe medications.

Skin tags

Skin tags are another common type of bump on the skin. The medical name for a skin tag is acrochordon. Skin tags are skin-colored growths that hang from the surface of the skin by a "stalk."
Skin tags are more common in older people, and often develop after weight gain or pregnancy. They usually appear in the skin folds of the neck, armpits, torso, chest, or genitals.
These bumps do not cause pain and are considered a cosmetic concern rather than a medical problem. They are not a form ofskin cancer and cannot become cancerous.

Basal cell carcinoma

Some skin growths can be cancerous. The most common of these is basal cell carcinoma, which can look like pink growths, open sores, shiny bumps, or red patches.
More than 4 million cases of basal cell carcinoma are diagnosed every year in the United States.
Basal cell carcinoma is usually caused by intense sun exposure. It is extremely rare that the carcinoma spreads beyond the original tumor site, but it is important to have basal cell carcinoma treated. If left untreated, it may cause nerve and muscle injury


The most serious type of skin cancer is melanoma. Melanoma can affect any area of the body - it can grow deeply into the skin and may also affect the lymph nodes and blood vessels.
In 2016, over 87,000 adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with melanoma. Despite accounting for about 1 percent of all skin cancers diagnosed in the U.S., melanoma is responsible for the majority of deaths from skin cancer.
Melanomas are often dark brown or black in appearance.

Actinic keratosis

Skin cancers are usually caused by excessive sun exposure. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation - from any type of sun exposure - can also actinic keratosis.
Actinic keratosis can appear on areas of the body exposed to sun or an indoor tanning bed. These areas include:
  • the face
  • scalp
  • ears
  • shoulders
  • neck
  • back of the hands
Actinic keratosis looks like crusty, scaly growths that sometimes resemble warts and are rough and sandpapery in texture.
Hemangiomas are a type of noncancerous tumor that can grow on the skin.
If someone has multiple hemangiomas on their skin, they are at increased risk for also having an internal hemangioma. Internal hemangiomas grow in the internal organs; most often, the liver.

Self-care tips

Although it can be tempting to squeeze pimples, people should not squeeze papules as they do not have any pus inside of them, and squeezing can cause the skin to scar instead.
The best way to prevent papules is to follow good skin care. Wearing sunscreen may also help. As sun exposure can cause the skin to become inflamed, which can drive the development of papules.
To prevent getting actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and other skin cancers, it is important to follow sun-safety habits. People should avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods, especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm.
People are advised to apply 1 ounce of sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher to their entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Those who plan on being outside for a long time should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
Tanning also increases risk for skin cancer, and people should never use ultraviolet tanning beds


When it comes to removing the bumps that you have on your face in a more natural manner, what you can do is make sure that you will only use products with ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. In the end, your skin will thank you for it.
Here are some of the ingredients that you can use naturally in order to get rid of the bumps that you have on your face:
  1. Cinnamon and Honey Mask
You may already be aware that honey is good for the skin. It is known to have active ingredients that can make your skin more supple and smooth. Cinnamon on the other hand is a bit spicy and you normally place it on some of your baked goodies but can you imagine mixing the two in order to make a mask. These two ingredients can be very effective in getting rid of the bumps on your face especially if you are particularly having a problem with acne.
  • Rinse your face with water first.
  • Add 2 parts honey and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Mix them together until you are sure that they are blended properly.
  • Place the mask on the face and leave it on your face for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with water and pat dry with a soft towel.
Take note that placing this mixture on your face can be a bit sticky so you may not want to do anything while you have the mask on your face.
  1. Egg Whites
If you would like to get rid of the bumps on your face and at the same time get rid of the acne scars that may have formed over the past months, you can use egg whites and see the results after continuous use. This is known to be helpful for the skin simply because it is packed with nutrients and vitamins that can help get rid of acne.  Egg whites are also known to be effective in rebuilding the cells on your face.
  • Rinse your face with water.
  • Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Whisk the egg whites and make sure that they are frothy before you apply the mixture on your face.
  • You may need to put up to 3 layers and you may also thicken the other areas depending on the severity of the bumps found on your face.
  • Leave the mask on the face for about 20 minutes.
  • After the mask has dried, you can rinse it again with water.
  • Pat dry your face with a clean towel again.
Take note that you have to use a moisturizer on your face afterwards as egg whites can get rid of the sebum found on your face. If you do not place a moisturizer, your face will become too dry.
  1. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is always known to be a home remedy that can be used for a variety of things but it is used most for home remedies with regards to skin care. They are very effective in getting rid of acne too. You may think that oil is the primary reason why your skin is breaking out and why your pores are clogged. Due to this, you do not want to put more oil on your face. Remember that tea tree oil can get rid of the excess sebum or your facial oil. It can also get rid of the dead skin cells you may have on your face.
  • Make sure that tea tree oil is diluted before you apply it on your face as it may become too strong. You only need a few drops for a large amount of water.
  • Dip a cotton bud on the mixture and apply it on the affected area of your skin or where the bumps are.
  • Remember that if you want to make the tea tree oil more potent, you may want to lessen the amount of water little by little but do not put too much tea tree oil the first time that you try it out.
You should remember that tea tree oil can be very strong for your face and it may cause your face to burn when the oil mixture that you put is too strong. You may start seeing results after a few weeks or so. Just be continuous in using it. You may also want to apply moisturizer on your face if you feel that portions of your skin have gotten dry because of using it.
  1. Banana Peel
Who says that the banana peel is not useful? You will realize how effective it can be for your face to get rid of the bumps when you try it out. The peels of the banana contain lutein which is not only good for the eyes, they are known to be effective in getting rid of the swelling and inflammation of the bumps on your face. One more bonus about using banana peels: they can make your skin cells grow faster so you will have a smoother and blemish free skin.
  • After you have eaten your banana, do not throw away the banana peel just yet.
  • Cut the peel into medium sized portions and rub the peels all over your face.
  • Check if you have covered all the needed portions.
  • Leave on the face for about half an hour.
  • Rinse off the peel essence with water and pat dry your face.
When you do this, you will feel that you are not being wasteful anymore.
  1. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is used for a variety of things. It is normally used for cooking in order to make some dishes tart. It is also used for baking as the taste can be very nice as well. Lemon juice is also known to be helpful for a wide variety of skin conditions. It is not surprising that this can be useful in getting rid of the bumps that you have on your face.  Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which the skin ultimately needs. At the same time, it can be helpful in drying out the bumps on your skin so that they can heal in a faster manner.
  • Extract the juice from a lemon.
  • Using a cotton bud, dab the lemon juice on the bumps on your face.
  • If the lemon juice stings, you may want to dilute it a bit.
Take note that lemon juice can be very effective in whitening the skin so you may want to use it if you want to have fairer and lighter skin but take note not to use it before you leave your house or if you are going to the beach as your skin may be more sensitive to the sun’s rays.
  1. Garlic
Aside from being one of the spices that a lot of people love, garlic is also known to be rich in anti – bacterial properties that can help get rid of the bacteria that may be causing the bumps on your face. Garlic can be ingested. You can eat it raw or mix it with the other food that you love or you may want to apply it on the affected areas of your skin provided that you have diluted it.
  • You can extract garlic juice from the garlic or grind it with a mortar and pestle so that the juices can come out.
  • You can then get the juice of the garlic and dilute it a bit.
  • Apply the mixture on the bumps on your face.
  • Leave on your face to dry.
Do take note that garlic will cause you to smell but if you are just staying at home and you are not meeting anyone then this should not be a concern anymore.
  1. Oatmeal
A lot of people are already aware of the power of oatmeal. Perhaps you already know how oatmeal can be helpful for you as well. Oatmeal can be effective in providing your body with fiber so that you will feel full faster and you can digest the food that you eat in a fast manner. When it comes to your skin, oatmeal can be very effective too in getting rid of your skin’s inflammation. Remember that oatmeal will not help get rid of your bumps but if they are inflamed, the inflammation of the bumps will be reduced greatly.
  • Cook the oatmeal first and allow it to cool down.
  • Add a bit of honey to it.
  • Make sure that the temperature of the oatmeal is already okay. If it is too hot, you may burn yourself.
  • Once you are sure about the temperature, place it on your skin for about half an hour.
  • Rinse it off afterwards with warm water.
Make sure to pat dry your skin with a clean towel afterwards. Using oatmeal on your face as a mask will also be helpful in reducing the amount of breakouts that you normally get.
  1. Sugar
It is not only honey that is known to be very effective for the skin. Sugar can be very helpful in getting rid of the bumps on your face too. The good news is that it does not matter what type of sugar that you use as long as you would use it to exfoliate your skin effectively.
  • You can mix brown and white sugar together for the best results.
  • Add a bit of rock salt too in order to make the mixture courser.
  • Place extra virgin olive oil with the mixture.
  • Now you can place it on the portions of your skin that are full of bumps and blemishes.
Remember that you can make a lot of this sugar scrub and use it from time to time when you feel that your face needs to be refreshed.
It is evident from the things that are mentioned above that there are so many natural home remedies that you can use in order to get rid of the bumps on your face. Why would you expose your face to products that are full of unnatural and harmful chemicals when you can make use of the items that you have at home and get even better results? Feel free to share which of the above mentioned remedies worksbest for you.

```DISCLAIMER```: The essence of these health articles provided are strictly for informational and awareness purposes only. You can make use  of this health tips, but if after you noticed your health status quo is not improving, PLEASE, CONSULT your PHYSICIANS for further medical diagnosis and treatments.

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