Many countries in Africa have to 100 types of snakes, of which not more than 10 are poisonous, and 90 are non poisonous. All person bitten by a snake have an immediate and great fear of poisoning. There is an injection called Antivenin which can act against these poison but unfortunately, they are expensive. Some people also use local leaves or black stones to cure these poison by snakes.

The non poisonous snakes includes; African green snakes (thin like a finger), the African beauty snakes (stripped in red, black and yellow color). These snakes sometimes approach dwellings looking for lizards, geckoes, mice and frogs. They are of no danger to humans and if seen, need not to be feared or killed. They rarely bite humans, and if they do, they have no poisonous fangs while poisonous snakes have hollow fangs, which they used for sinking their victims. Some types of snakes do have fangs, but their venom only causes local poisoning, with pains and swelling around the bite.

There is a snake called Black Mamba, big and totally black in color, if seen, do not chase these snake, because its very dangerous, it can turn back and chase you back and if care is not taken, bite you to death. Therefore, if these snakes are seen around your vicinity, kindly called an elderly experienced person to help you killed these snakes. As I said earlier, not all snakes are dangerous but we have some which are deadly, so be careful.

What are the Steps to take if you are bitten by a snake?

1. Stay quite and remain still, do not move the bitten part. The more it is moved, the faster the poison will spread through the body. If the bite is on the foot, poison should not walk at all. 

2. Wrap the bitten area with a wide elastic bandage or clean cloth to slow the spread of poison. Keep the arm or leg very still, wrap it tightly, but not so tight.

3. Wind the bandage over the hand or foot, and up the arm or leg. Make sure you can still feel the pulse.

4. Give the victim pain relief drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and not aspirin to relief pains. Where drugs is not available, inject the victim with antivenin or use a black stone or if there is an elderly person around and knows the leave antidote, apply appropriately.

5. After application of above treatment and no improvement, please, immediately, transfer such victim to a nearest hospital to seek medical personnel for emergency treatment.

I hope these article helps.

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