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Despite spring peeking out from behind the clouds, sicknesses are still going around. Sneezes are a huge culprit for the spreading of germs. To prevent coming down with a bug, learn how to sneeze properly and enlighten others.
When you sneeze, you are spraying germs into the air for other people to encounter. When you’re sick, it’s even worse
Moving objects can move these germs. For example, if you sneeze near your bed and then ruffle the sheets hours later, you’re moving around those sneeze germs. Opening a door can greatly spread the viruses from room to room.
The airborne particles can survive for hours and land on common items, such as paper, pens, and phones. Once these particles are breathed in, they stay at the back of the throat and the virus infiltrates the body’s cell. Whether a person will fall ill depends on how much of the virus is breathed in and the person’s immune system.
When someone comes down with an illness like a cold, the body tries to deal with the infection by bringing up mucus to help clear it. Some mucus is swallowed and is destroyed by stomach acid. When the mucus is coughed out, the germs are released into the air again.
To combat the spread of germs, scientists recommend you cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze. Then wash your hands.

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