Since the inception of pharmaceutical drugs, Natural medicine has been under a halt. There is an urge from pharmaceutical companies to deprive citizens of the benefits of herbal supplements.

The continuous interference with those who offer natural products that compete with prescription drugs is apparent.

These are five reasons why Agbo should be preferred to orthodox medicines.

1. It has a miraculous effect

The effect of Agbo on humans is miraculous. It's a quick antibiotics for quick treatment of typhoid; malaria, dysentery, headache, waist pain, rheumatism, diarrheae and so on.

On the average, it takes days for most orthodox drugs to suppress the symptoms of the ailment on immune system only for the ailment to become immune to the drugs with time; as it is now the case with quinine and some beta lactam antibiotics.

But with Agbo, the mixture simply works like magic and fastens your healing.

2. It is easily affordable

Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs that can be quite expensive upon prescription, but Agbo is easily affordable.

With some petty cash, you can easily get agbo at your door step.

3. Agbo does not expire.

Expired drugs are re-packaged and sold; as fake ones are continuously mixed with the originals. Every drugs always have an expiration dates which if used can be detrimental to your health.

But with Agbo, there is no fear for fake or whether it has expired. The originality of the mixture is assuring, and its life span is Longlasting.

4. Agbo doesn't have side effects.

Most drugs have side effects when used, some reacts to certain drugs like chloroquine which trigger up their histamine level and causes itching on the body, using of some strong antibiotics can make you dizzy or even be lethal to you (this is the case for those drug addict that uses tramadols to relief pains).

However, with Agbo, there is no doubt of side effect.

5. It is a gift from Nature

Nature is life, you can easily go to your Backyard and pluck required leaves and make Agbo (herb) if you know it's preparation in regards to the aliment you wish to use it for.

ClinicGists as a health enthusiasts, prefers using agbo (herb) than modern medicine drugs but it works well for me, but an addage says 'a man meat is another man's poison', suit the one that soothe you best.

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