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Kola nut (Cola Acuminate), also known as ‘cola nut’ or ‘bitter cola’, is the seed of the brown-colored chestnut-like fruit of the cola nut plant. It is a caffeine-rich nut that belongs to the family of cocoa and offers a huge range of benefits to human health. In this article, we have listed down top 12 health benefits of kola nut:

1. Works as a Great Stimulant

The main use of kola nut is known to be as a highly effective stimulant. The best thing about the stimulating capacity of kola nut is that it is not addictive and hence, does not result into depression.

It contains almost 1.5% to 2% caffeine, which is greater than the amount present in coffee. Caffeine works directly on our Central Nervous System (CNS), especially the cerebrospinal centres. It also stimulates our muscular tissues including the cardiac muscles, thereby fighting against fatigue, increasing alertness and improving mental activities.
Alternatively, kola nut is also quite rich in theobromine, which is an alkaloid compound as well as another potent (less strong than caffeine) stimulant. It is mostly found in chocolates and known to promote attentiveness by encouraging cerebral blood circulation.

2.Gives Fresh Mind and Energetic Body

Apart from the stimulating agents, kola nut also contains huge amounts of glucose and starch, which cumulatively generate lots of energy. The invigorating blend of caffeine and theobromine of the nut is even more activated by this energy and eventually induces a temporary sense of euphoria. It also induces more oxygen to our bloodstream and helps clear the ‘congested’ head, thereby making concentration power better. In short, the presence of high level of glucose and starch in the nut gives us a boost both physically and mentally.

3.Increases Metabolic Rate

According to a report published on the ‘African Journal of Biotechnology’, the extract of kola nut can be used for enhancing the rate of metabolism in our body up to 118%. On the other hand, the substantial amount of energy produced by it can also help us stay filled for longer time spans. Result? Excellent bodily metabolic rate with no frequent hunger pang.

4. Reduces Gastrointestinal Issues

Kola nut has immense positive effects on our gastrointestinal system. It basically stimulates the gastric muscles to promote the production of essential gastric acids. Consequently, the process of digestion gets better and we get rid of a number of digestive issues including constipation.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

If you are dying to lose weight by removing extra kilos, kola nut can be very much helpful to you. It can eliminate undesired fat and aid you in losing body weight without inducing negative effects.

It increases metabolic rate to a great extent, which helps in better digestion with less storage of foods as fat cells.
It acts as a natural suppressant of hunger, which itself provides lots of energy to the body, while enhancing the urge to drink more and more water.

6. Cures Prostate Cancer

A few researches have revealed that kola nut is beneficial for treating prostate cancer. The extract of the nut comprises certain plant compounds (phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens), which are non-steroidal by nature and known to generate a series of consecutive reactions. These reactions can alter the growth and development of the cancerous cells in the prostate and destroy them completely at last.

7.Solution for Impotence

Male impotence can be successfully resolved with kola nut. Chewing this nut is believed to amplify the circulation of blood throughout the genital area, which makes hard arteries softer and normalizes the functions of genitals.

8. Eases Osteoarthritis in Knees.

Osteoarthritis, particularly developed in knees, can be healed to a large extent with the help of kola nut. Regular consumption of this nut can diminish pain, inflammation and swelling in the knee joints. It can also improve the movement of knees considerably 

9.Perks Up the Immunity

When it comes to strengthening our immune system, kola nut works as a reliable ingredient. It has good antioxidant properties, which protect our internal system from free radical damages and makes it healthier. The nut also holds antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities, which give a boost to our immunity and keep us disease-free.

10. Treats Respiratory Disorders

The caffeine content of kola nut helps in treating a number of respiratory disorders efficiently. Being a bronchodilator, caffeine can open up the constricted bronchial tubes and expand them well, which is essential in curing conditions like asthma, whooping cough, etc.

11. Used as a Cold Remedy

Kola nut is a natural yet very powerful remedy for cold and cough. From clearing nasal congestion to coagulating phlegm to alleviating sore throat, it can help us in a number of ways.

12. Relieves Migraine Headaches

The stimulants i.e. caffeine and theobromine present in kola nut together serve the purpose of a cerebral vasodilator. They dilate cerebral blood vessels and add to the blood flow all through the head, which helps in reducing migraine headaches significantly.

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