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Mosquitoes are extremely dangerous and should be kept out of your home. Aside from the fact that they are pesky and annoying enough to keep you up all night, they are the primary vectors for major human diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever, which together infect hundreds of millions of humans worldwide and kill millions each year.

In this article, we will show you the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes at home; thus, cutting down the chances of getting infected with malaria.

1. Mosquito nets for doors and windows

It’s not enough to have your doors and windows looking really beautiful. Consider fitting mosquito nets onto your the doors and windows of your house.These mosquito nets are designed to last between 3 to 5 years and prevent mosquitoes from invading your home.

You can also, consider installing insect screens as an alternative. The insect screen, also known as an insect screen, bug screen, fly screen, wire mesh is designed to cover the opening of a window. It is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fibreglass, or other synthetic fibre and stretched in a frame of wood or metal. The idea is to keep mosquitoes and bugs out of your home.

Mosquitoes naturally fly in through your windows and doors. Keeping your windows and doors locked at all times is not a practical solution. The windows have to be kept open for ventilation and fly screens offer a simple solution to this problem. They give maximum protection from insects generally. The 4-sided frame sticks onto your existing window and then the retractable, ultra-fine insect mesh pulls across to cover the entire opening so the window is completely sealed against insects whilst still allowing fresh air into the home. A mosquito mesh for windows currently sells at between N7000 and N1,000.

2. You need trees

Not all trees can help you get rid of mosquitoes at home but there are certain trees and shrubs that effectively keep mosquitoes out of your house.

A common misconception is that trees help in the breeding of mosquitoes. On the contrary, some tree species like lemon trees, neem trees and citronella grass do a wonderful job of preventing mosquitoes from transforming your house into a breeding ground. Other shrubs that keep mosquitoes out of your house are tulsi, mint and marigold.

3. Lavender plants and oil

Lavender is a flowering plant that is not grown in Nigeria but it keeps mosquitoes away. While lavender is not grown in Nigeria, lavender oil is available for sale.

Interestingly, lavender oil can be used in two ways. The oil can be used as an air freshener and it can be mixed with your body cream, which you then apply on your body to prevent mosquitoes from biting you since the lavender scent keeps mosquitos away.

4. Garlic

Did you know that mosquitoes do not like the smell of garlic? That’s right. For best results, you should consider getting some garlic pods, crush them, then boil them and sprinkle or spray the water around the rooms or places you are keen on keeping the mosquitoes away from.

The smell of garlic is enough to keep mosquitoes out of your home. Another way to use garlic against mosquitoes is to rub the water from the boiled garlic all over your body to prevent mosquito bites.

5. Camphor

The use of camphor to repel mosquitoes is one of the oldest methods and is quite popular in Nigeria. It is readily available in local markets and is manufactured by using extracts of a tree.

What is the most effective way to use camphor to get rid of mosquitoes? Light camphor in the rooms you intend to keep mosquitoes away from, keep all the doors and windows locked, then, leave it this way for about 15 minutes. When you return, you would have successfully gotten rid of all the mosquitoes in the affected rooms.

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia. The combination of eucalyptus and lemon oil as a mosquito repellent is so effective, it is recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). It remains one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

When mixed, eucalyptus and lemon oil have an active component known as cineole. This has both insect repellent and antiseptic properties that keep mosquitoes away when applied to the skin

It is 100% natural and does not come with any known side effects available in chemical-based mosquito repellents. When mixing the eucalyptus oil and lemon oil, endeavour to apply them in equal proportion.

8. Insecticides

Insecticides are also effective in getting rid of mosquitoes as well as other flying and crawling insects. Some of the prominent brands in Nigeria include Raid, Mobil, Baygon, Rambo, synthetic pyrethroid, Broad Spectrum, synthetic pyrethroid compound and Mortein.

Interestingly, one insecticide that has suddenly been shot into prominence is the Sniper insecticide. In a space of two years, the price of a Sniper bottle has moved from N200 to as high as N1,300.

9. Mosquito Killer Night Lamp

The Mosquito Killer Night Lamp S-PK-0205 is an innovative device designed to rid mosquitoes from your home. In this part of the world, mosquitoes are very common and you sometimes find yourself spending a lot of money on ineffective ways of keeping mosquitoes out of your home. The Mosquito Killer Night Lamp has a straightforward operation for usage; you plug it into a wall socket, turn on the switch and it starts killing mosquitoes.

The device has a zero noise operation, which means there will not be any form of disturbance as you sleep at night. The Mosquito Killer Night Lamp requires no chemicals. It simply draws insects to it and kills them instantly. It requires little maintenance, which means you can use it for a long period of time. It is harmless and environmental friendly, which makes it very safe to use. With this handy home device, you no longer have to worry about mosquito bites or malaria. It currently sells for between N2000 and N3,500.

10. Mosquito nets and tents

The pre-treated insecticide mosquito net has proven effective for protecting you from mosquitoes and also killing them. Before they can be used, mosquito nets have to be taken out of the packs they come in and spread outside for a minimum of 12 hours.

You are advised to hang your net at a height that allows you to stay comfortably tucked it in bed without the net touching your skin. Holes and tears in the net should be repaired for maintaining efficiency. When treated net is due for washing, wash the net gently with soap and cold water. The prices of mosquito nets vary; between N2,000 and N8,000.

11. Bug Vacuum Insect Trap With Backlight

This device uses a unique automated suction system to capture mosquitoes and other bugs without necessarily being close to them. The electric grid in the unit’s knob kills insects expressly on contact. Insects are simply disposed of by removing the extension tube.

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The bug vacuum trap has a powerful 15-watt motor that generates 4.78 times more airflow than lesser vacuums (3445 FPM vs. 720 FPM) to draw mosquitoes, flies, bees, spiders, and other insects into its telescoping tinted nozzle that captures bugs from arm’s length.

It captures mosquitoes through a one-way trap door in the spout into a detachable tube that allows bugs to be discarded outside. The best part of this device is that it requires no electrical power to use.

12. Mosquito Trap MT 64

The Mosquito trap MT 64 is one of the most technically advanced and innovative solutions for mosquito protection. This device does not involve pesticides, repellents, citronella, coils or candles. The Mosquito Trap MT 64 does not involve the use of dangerous chemicals that can harm humans or the environment. Rather, Mosquito Killer Trap MT 64 uses carbon dioxide, lactic acid and Octanol that all are produced by humans and animals.
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It uses environmentally friendly methods. Let us explain how it works – Biting insects need blood to nourish their eggs. They get that blood from you, your family, your pets and your friends. They track down hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide, Octanol (Mushroom alcohol), moisture and heat from breath, body odours and colour contrasts. What the Mosquito Killer Trap MT64 does is to create a combination of those cues. This tricks the mosquitoes and other insects into thinking the trap is a host. Once the mosquitoes are attracted to the exterminator, they are sucked into an enclosure by a powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die.

While the mosquito trap will begin to catch mosquitoes immediately, if there is any mosquito activity in the vicinity, it may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce the local population to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. You may choose to discontinue use of the trap at this point but subsequent re-infestations more likely will occur after rain. So, you can use it again. This device currently sells for between N12,000 and N16,000.

13. Electric mosquito swatter

The electric mosquito swatter uses light electric shock to kill all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. It has a very compact size and has an on/off button, which activates and deactivates the net. You need two AA batteries to run it and it cost around N1,000.

The grid of the flyswatter is electrically charged to a voltage of between 500 and 1500 volts (V) of direct current, activated by pressing and holding a button. When the electrically conductive body of a fly nearly bridges the gap between electrodes, a spark jumps through the fly. A capacitor attached to the electrodes discharges during the spark, and this initial discharge usually stuns or kills the fly. If the button is still pressed, the continuous current will roast and kill the fly.

14. Electromagnetic pest repellent

As technology continues to advance, so has our ability to keep pests like mosquitoes out of our home. Another device that you can effectively use to get rid of mosquitoes in your home is the electromagnetic pest repellent.

It repels mice, rats, spiders, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other pesky rodents and insects without chemicals or traps. It is designed to work through the wiring within the walls to emits a signal that will drive pests away.

Pest repellent uses both ultrasonic sound waves and electromagnetic technology. Each Electromagnetic pest repellent unit protects one level of an average size home. It has no harmful chemicals and is odour free. It comes in different designs but with a minimum of N5,500, you will be able to get one of these.

16. Mosquito trap attractant

The Mosquito trap attractant is a special tablet for attracting mosquitoes and blackflies. The solution is prepared from only natural components and does not include any harmful chemicals. One mosquito trap attractant is effective for one month.

In the past, getting rid of mosquitoes was largely dependent on the strength of insecticides or shrubs you used. However, with technological advancement, there are gadgets and devices that effectively keep these pests out of your home.

17. The mosquito net suit

The mosquito net suit design is essentially a head-to-toe suit, made from a mosquito net, that will keep the insects at bay. Every inch of your body is covered by the loose-fitting material, which was manufactured in Japan.

The mosquito suit, according to the Daily Mail, was originally designed to reduce the chances of catching dengue fever, another disease that’s spread through mosquito bites. Like mesh screen doors, the netting works by creating a barrier between the mosquito and your body.
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