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Transgender Man gives birth and breastfeeds his new baby. Evan Hempel, a US transgender male has given birth to a baby boy.

Born as a female, he started taking hormones in 2003 to physically become a transgender man, but never lost the desire to carry a baby. About five years ago, Evan and his female partner, decided to stop his testosterone injections and start trying artificial insemination with donor sperm.

After a couple of failed attempts, Hempel became pregnant in late 2015 and gave birth to a son.

Evan’s sister, Jessi, detailed the complicated relationship between masculinity as a transgender man and the feminine act of giving birth in this week’s issue of TIME magazine.

While some transgender men have trouble reconciling the physical feelings of pregnancy, Evan had no issues.

According to him:

“It was a gamble. I didn’t know how I’d feel. But it turns out I just feel like it’s really cool that my body can do this.”

It became quite complicated explaining his pregnant status to his colleagues at work.

Man Gives Birth, Breastfeeds Baby Boy
Most of them hadn’t realized he was transgender and still thought of him as a male. Evan, who is based in the Boston area, says he had positive experiences with everyone he informed of his pregnancy.

Although he missed out on the usual reactions from strangers, rather than sporting a baby bump, people just assumed he had a beer belly.

Evan also revealed that he had some difficulty getting his medical insurance to cover things like pregnancy tests.

This was because he was registered as male on all his documents. According to him, he had to repeatedly explain that his sex is female, and his gender is male.

After all the hassle at each checkup, Evan eventually gave in and changed his gender to female. His birth went smoothly, with his son arriving without complications.

Evan the transgender man is now chest-feeding (what transgender men call breastfeeding). He says he will eventually start taking testosterone again so his breasts will shrink back down.

While Evan’s story sounds quite amazing to many, others think it’s nothing inspiring. According to America Thinkers, everything the media has portrayed about gayness and gender is wrong. They contradict media’s claim that gays, lesbians, and transgenders are “born that way,” stressing that science made no such claims.

Another critic mentioned that being same-sex attracted is shaped primarily by a person’s relationships, culture and other experiences, not genetics or prenatal hormones. The critic pointed that Evan Hempel was raised in a broken home. His father transformed as gay and divorced his mother and how the three daughters – including Evan, were born of that broken marriage.

A report by Askthebigot defends the rights of children who have to pay the price for the decisions made by their gay parents.

The author, Katy shared reasons the baby is most affected:

Since the child is the product of sperm donation, he is only related to one of the adults he will call parents. That means he loses half of his heritage and half of his extended family. And, if he’s like the other donor-conceived kids, he will likely spend a portion of his adolescence and adulthood seeking, maybe obsessing, to find the identity of his donor and half-siblings and also feeling troubled that money exchanged hands over his conception.

According to Katy, children should not and don’t like to be, treated as products to be designed and purchased. She added that kids crave biological connection and that upon delivery, Baby Boy (Evan’s baby) has a 50% deficit in that department.

The second reason is that while the baby will have a parent who appears male, he will not have a father. Katy believes that there are voids sons in every family needs that only a father can fill – not even if the mother gets a testosterone-induced beard to look like a man.

She pointed that what children don’t need, is parents who tell them that they should become life-long customers of cosmetic surgery and the pharmaceutical industry if they experience gender confusion.

Meanwhile, another gay man, Doug Mainwaring who has testified against same-sex marriage in various state Legislatures said he “seeks to identify and condemn errant, harmful ideologies and lies, especially those which diminish and endanger the lives of children.

In his argument in 2013, Mainwaring, co-founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots said marriage is the most successful institution that civilization has produced over the last few millennia, and homosexuals shouldn’t mess with it.

In his words, “If we attempt to redefine marriage, we’re going to redefine children in the same way.” Despite being a homosexual, Mainwaring also believes “kids need a mom and a dad in the house.”
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