Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a tropical evergreen tree which the seeds are widely well known as the main ingredients of chocolate products. 

For the health benefits of cocoa you only could obtain it from the raw form and not the processed one.

These are 22 lists health benefits of cocoa. 

1) Cocoa Lowers Blood Pressure
2) Cocoa Prevents Oxidative Stress
3) Cocoa May Improve Cognitive Function
4) Cocoa May Prevent Heart Disease
5) Cocoa Enhances Mood
6) Cocoa Reduces Constipation
7) Cocoa Reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
8) Cocoa May Treat Brain Disorders
9) Cocoa May Reduce Obesity
10) Cocoa Is Anti-Cancer

11) Cocoa Reduces Bad Cholesterol
12) Cocoa Improves Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
13) Cocoa Protects the Skin
14) Cocoa Protects the Teeth
15) Cocoa Helps the Lungs
16) Topical Cocoa may Help Heal Wounds
17) Cocoa Treats Copper Deficiency due to Tube Feeding
18) Cocoa Reduces Negative Effects of Magnesium Deficiency
Cocoa Butter
19) Cocoa Butter Reduces Cough
20) Cocoa Butter May Reduce VLDL Cholesterol
21) Cocoa Butter May Improve the Skin
22) Cocoa Butter May Improve Kidney Function

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