Every lady have her own choice of man to marry in her life, but still, some can still be pissed off with some health challenges faced by some men which may debar them from not marrying the exact man they want in their life. 

Some ladies share health and psychological reasons they might not consider a man for marriage, irrespective of other fulfilments.


This one looks common to everyone. If your genotype is not compatible or could cause a risk in future to one of the partners or children, the relationship is almost dead on arrival.

Whenever genotype is mentioned, what comes to mind of many is a sickle cell, but research has proven that there could be more concerns for other blood groups.

As doctor Afolabi Adebayo of St Marello Catholic Hospital, Ibadan, puts it, not that people with AA genotype fall sick with malaria, “What is a medically proven fact is that people with genotype AS are more genetically immune to malaria than AA.”

According to an assessment carried out at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria where children were screened for malaria parasitemia -falciparum malaria, blood group, haemoglobin genotype.

Children with genotype AA (92.3 per cent) were more susceptible to Malaria Parasite than AS (5.1 per cent) and SS (2.6 per cent).


How do I sleep with a snoring man next to me? Rachael Olabode asked.

According to Wikipedia, snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases, the sound may be soft, but in most cases, it can be loud and unpleasant.

Snoring during sleep may be a sign, or first alarm, of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Research suggests that snoring is one of the factors of sleep deprivation.

Research also has it that snoring is not a terminal disease nor close to it, it is just a disorder that could be corrected, but a handful of ladies are not going to risk staying under the same roof, (needless to say share same bed) with a snorer.


“I am not sure I can marry someone who is asthmatic; I cannot be sleeping with one eye closed all night,” Jumoke Adeyemi said.

Asthma is a common long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. It is characterised by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm.

Symptoms include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. These episodes may occur a few times a day or a few times per week. Depending on the person, they may become worse at night or with exercise.

According to statistics and estimates by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 235 million people suffer from asthma globally.

Asthma is not just a public health problem for high-income countries: it occurs in all countries regardless of the level of development. Over 80 per cent of asthma deaths occur in low and lower-middle income countries.

Asthma is under-diagnosed and under-treated, creating a substantial burden to individuals and families and possibly restricting individuals’ activities for a lifetime.


You must have heard the phrase ‘Smokers are liable to die young’ before and rightly so; it has been one of the leading causes of mental and psychological disorder.

Nneka Aloh said “there is no way I can get married to a smoker, whether cigarette or marijuana. He could develop mental breakdown or might physically abuse me someday.”

Though smoking isn’t peculiar to men alone, all statistics have favoured men as the front-liners and more interestingly is the fact that the practice seems to be fading away.

“Currently, around 35 per cent of males and six per cent of females around the world smoke tobacco. The percentage of adults worldwide who smoke tobacco has decreased in recent years and is expected to continue doing so.

“By 2030, it is estimated that 17 per cent of the global population will smoke tobacco, compared to 21 per cent in 2015.

“Awareness of the dangers of smoking, costs, and targeted policies and campaigns have all contributed to this decrease.

“As of 2016, a high percentage of the world population was covered by some form of tobacco control policy to varying degrees,” Statistica portal revealed

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