Laptops are mini electronic systems or devices used in place of desktop computers, many institutional outlets or organizations used laptops to perform various functions and due to its mobility and durability, some people ignorantly used it since they don't know its aftermath effects on their health. 

The habits of placing laptops on laps have been seen to be very common among people in the world, maybe because of its denoting name "LAPtop" in which had made many who owns a laptop place it in between their thighs.

Why is it Dangerous to Place Laptops on your Thighs?

Placing of laptops on your laps or thighs can immensely affects your scrotum sac in which your sperm is embedded.
The scrotum had a specific temperature at which it can tolerate a heat, scrotum temperature varies from normal body temperature, anything beyond 30°c - 35°c may affect your scrotum and denatured your sperm by either making it watery or causing a low sperm count whereas your normal body temperature is around 35°c-42°c.

Sperm are easily denatured by too much of heat because sperm possesses a rich amount of proteinous content which may be intolerant to too much of heat.
Too much of heat, low intake of iron in your diet may all affect your sperm rigidity hence causing low sperm count.

What's the Alternative method?

Instead of placing your laptops on your thighs, why can't u get a bench or table to place it on and betterstill if you still feel like placing laptops on your thighs in absence of a table or bench, then get yourself an absorbent material like thick clothes or books you can easily find around yourself, put the clothes on your laps, then place your laptop on the clothes, the clothes serves as heat absorbent material in preventing heat reaching or heating up of your scrotum sac.

Other effects of placing laptops on your laps

It is clinically known as Erythema Ab Igne and also known by names such as ‘laptop thigh’ and ‘hot water bottle rash’. Swiss doctors call it ‘laptop-induced dermatosis’. Cosmeto-dermatologist Dr Anuya Manerkar defines it as “A coarsely reticulated pigmentation which is produced by prolonged exposure to excessive heat without the production of a burn.”

Who is at risk?

“People who spend prolonged periods of time studying, reading, or playing games on laptops resting on their upper legs could develop this skin syndrome,” warns dermatologist Dr Shreyas Kamath. This skin condition is common among people often exposed to heat while working (blacksmiths, silversmiths, cooks, etc). Now, people using laptops for long hours are facing this.
The prolonged placement of laptop on the thighs results in thermal build of around 44 degrees of heat to which the skin responds by developing persistent redness and pigmentation. This has been reported in medical literature between 2004 to date, explains dermatologist and dermatosurgeon Dr Shenaz Z Arsiwala.

Harmful effects
“The skin develops a patch which is mottled (caused by local hemostasis — stagnation of blood) and later becomes reticulated erythema (patchy striped erythema) leaving behind pigmentation,” says Dr Manerkar.
Cosmeto-dermatologist Dr Swati Srivastava warns that repeated skin exposure can waste tissues, typically due to the degeneration of cells. If there is a persistent soreness that does not heal, a skin biopsy should be performed to rule out the possibility of skin cancer

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