Dandruff is also called flaky scalp or seborrheic dermatitis. It is the production of white flakes of dead skin in the hair or on the shoulders when the scalp becomes dry or greasy. It is most common to the people having oily skin.


. Presence of while flakes of skin on the scalp, and in the hair & shoulders
. Feeling sore in head
. Red, flaky, greasy patches of skin
. Feeling of tightness and itchy in the head
. The flakes may look oily
. Head may feel tingly


. Highly sensation to yeast
. Not combing the hair regularly
. Less use of shampoo
. Patient of Parkinson's disease 
. Recovering stage from heart attacks and strokes 
. Weak immune systems
.Less amount of consumption of zinc and vitamin B
. Mental stresses (over thinking)
. Seborrheic dermatitis (oily skin)


1. Lemon:
Vitamin C of the lemon makes lemon a remedy for dandruff. Rub lemon slices on your scalp and leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it with plain water. Repeat this process twice a week, you'll slightly get rid of dandruff.

2. Coconot oil:
Take 1-2 tablespoon of coconut oil and add one tablespoon of lemon juice in it. Apply it to your scalp, rub it and message for few minutes. Let it function for about half an hour and rinse with mild shampoo. Repeat this process twice a week so that dandruff will lose its place on your scalp.

3. Neem (Indian Lilac):
Make neem leaf paste by boiling handful neem leaves in 2-3 cup of water and blending it. Strain the paste to get solution and cool it. Apply the solution to your scalp and let it dry for about half an hour and finally rinse your scalp with mild shampoo. Repeat this process twice to thrice a week.

4. Besides these,
-you can apply apple cider vinegar by mixing with tea tree oil
-you can apply a handful baking soda by wetting your hair (do not shampoo after this process)
You can apply warm olive oil, massage and wrap with towel
After doing these, rinse your hair with mild shampoo.


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