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Several diseases have no cure and can send you to your grave. There are, however, those which are more progressive and have a potential of killing you within a day.

The following are some of the diseases that can kill you within 24 hours:

1. Ebola

Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever that causes bleeding from internal organs. Sadly, victims of Ebola can die within hours after its symptoms appear. Currently, Ebola outbreak has been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. Meningitis

Meningitis is caused by bacterial or viral infection of the protective membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can cause severe blood poisoning and can kill within four hours according to doctors.

3. Cholera

Cholera, an acute Diarrhoeal disease is caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water. If left untreated, Cholera can kill within hours. It causes thousands of deaths around the globe every year and continues to pose a threat to public health. High levels of hygiene are advised to keep the disease at bay.

4. Pneumonia

Pneumonic plague can kill quickly within 18–24 hours of infection if left untreated, but common antibiotics can cure it if they are administered to the patient earlier. Symptoms of Pneumonic plague include respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing‚ often with blood-tainted sputum.

5. Stroke

Caused by interruption of blood flow to the brain causing oxygen deprivation to brain tissues. Usually, stroke is caused by a burst blood vessel or blockage by a clot. Depending on its severity, recovery is possible but a massive one can kill you within two hours.

6. NIpah Virus 
This is the newly discovered virus transmitted from animals to man (zoonosis) in Indian, and it have currently claimed the lives of 10 Indians  It has no cure till now and kills within shortest period 

Though some of these listed diseases above like stroke, cholera, pneumonia, if probably attended to, can be managed. 


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