What is douching?

Douching is an act of using harsh solvent substances such as soapy water with sponges to wash off your female private part during bathing or general cleaning of your vaggies (vaginal).

Why do Ladies Douch?

The reason is not far fetched why a lady douches which is due to the fact that, she may not like the way her vaggies smells or the offensive odors that she perceives from her vaggies is not pleasant, or she naturally feels like making herself more clean by the acts.

How will Douching Affects your genitals?

Most of our domestic soaps we used contains some high amounts of sodium and potassium contents and other industrial chemicals which constituted these soaps.

Soaps constitutents are mostly basic in nature and the beneficial organism which constitutes the female genital parts are acid tolerance organisms such as _Lactobacilli_, _Gadnarella sp_, _Candida sp_ and so on. _Lactobacilli sp_ are majorly group of organisms which constitute most of the female genital parts, present in and around the vulva area which aids in engulfement of pathogenic organisms or germs that may be delicate to the private part region.

You wonder why you don't easily have infections whenever you go to toilets? sometimes you urinate without even cleaning up yourselves, and yet you are free from been infected? Some beneficial microorganisms are around your vaggies region performing some bodyguard for you, so why will you kill these bacterial and fungi which are helping you from reproductive infections.

Mechanism of Action of the soap you used

As I said earlier, soap contains mostly basic medium constituents, which if you ignorantly douches, you disturbs the pH Balance of the genital area and kill or hinder the beneficial microbes present in the private part region which does the bodyguard for you, and if the body guard microbes dies, then there will be room for opportunistic Infection to pave in and cause you serious vaginal infections.

What are the Infection you are liable to contact if you Douch?

The vaginal infections you might contact are Bacteria Vaginosis (BV), yeast infections, chlamydia infections, gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis, and Candidiasis.

What is the Best Alternative Method to use instead of Douching?

The best way to clean yourselves down there is by using ordinary clean water with your fingers slightly at the layer of your vaggies to wash or clean up yourselves.

During and after your periods, please don't Douch to remove stains of blood, just use clean water to wash off yourself downthere, then be rest assured you won't have any problems with vaginal infections.

Is there any Medication?

Yes, there is, incase you are victim of Douching, STOP IT. Contact your health care provider or medical practitioners to get you treated. There are some drugs that are really active in treatment of any vaggies infections.

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