Due to its affordability, many ladies have a thousand and one underwears in their respective wordropes they can't even finish wearing, but stats shows that ladies tends to possess tights, panties and bumshorts at local markets as their preferred choice of undies than a woollen boxers because they feel and think it will look masculine to wear boxers as undies, only a very few of ladies wear boxers as undies.

Not that wearing of tights, or bumshorts are that bad, many women in the world had been wearing these undies for ages without causing them any effects, but due to global warming effects and climate change, the atmosphere becomes now more temperate than usual. 

A lady may choose to wear tight or panties as her preferred choice of wear while the reverse might be the case for others.

Tight are made of silk and some woolen materials which are poor radiation of heats, the same goes for bumshorts, which are woolen made and does not radiate heats, mosts of the bumshorts I sees on ladies nowadays are inform of short jeans which when felt, are thicker and may be poor for air to pass through.

Many young ladies or even elder ones wears combination of either pants and tights or bumshorts and pants, but do you know that when you inconvenient yourself with wearing these undies, you make your private parts unhealthy?

It's very disheartening to hear of a lady whom his guy called me few years ago and tell me what could possibly happened to his girlfriend because he noticed whenever he moves near her for intercourse and the lady get aroused, she do burge out a FISHY ODOR from her private parts, meaning, her private parts smells fishy odor prior to any intercourse.
This so worrisome to me when I heard this, and the guy tell me he couldn't cope again, that's how he left the lady with her disgusting condition, but I asked him some questions that day, and one of the ignoramus thing the guy tells me the lady does is regular wearing of combination of pants, tights, and bumshorts coupled with a Jean trouser she will wear for that day, when I heard this, I was dishearted why could a lady inconvenient herself because of what? Wearing of such things especially in a humid or high temperate regions in Nigeria may not be favourable to your genitals.

To my own theoretical experience, the lady had been infected with chlamydia or probably Bacteria vaginitis due to the heat she had predisposed her vagina to.

What's the Best Alternative to Bumshorts or Tights?

Wearing of non absorbent coloured panties, I mean light panties which are not majorly black or reddish in color, black absorbs much heat than any other colors, aside from the tights colors, majority of tights are made of silk and absorbed much heat to your vaggies.

Another best preferred alternative is BOXERS, majority of ladies does not enjoy wearing of boxers maybe due to the fact of exposing their underneath, but no really so, BOXERS, allows passage of fresh airs to your genitals, thereby making your genitals healthy for the beneficial organisms which serves as bodyguard to your private parts to thrives well and become more active.

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