Menstruation is the normal discharge of blood flow coupled with release of endometrium in every monthly cycle. Women does most of things that are injurious to their health whenever they suffer from menstrual cramps. I just advice one of my client to stop sipping up alcohols whenever her monthly period delays. Taking in of alcohol may not be a better contributing factor to heavy menstrual flow, it rather causes damages either to your cervix or womb.

Below is the detailed explanation of what a woman should never do when she's observing her normal monthly period.


Many women or young ladies around me i have observed have been ignorant of these myth of taking a gin drink (like regal dry gin) to cushion the effects of their cramps and pourge out a rushing flow. No, it's wrong, why will you take alcohol to have a heavy flow or because you are suffering from menstrual cramps, taking of alcohol may work quite alright but this gin may have a deleterious effect on your womb or tubes which you maybe in cognizant of, women who enjoys taking alcohols suffers from infertility problems. Most tissues in women body are so delicate that they should watch whatever they eat or drink so as not to affect their womb aftermath. 

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION : Instead of taking gin to ouze out your period, or you experiencing discomfort, why not boil water in a kettle, drink the hot water (when still hot), this aids the uterus linen to become more mucoid thereby tense the triggering of the unfertilized eggs out of your body system or better still of you feel like using medications, use felvin tablets or any brand of ibuprofen capsule to eases your pain, after a while, the cramps relief you and the blood ouzes out itself.


Some women do tell me that sugar doesn't affect their PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) but this just ironical, because either by little pain or intense pain, you will still feel the dysmenorrhea effects on your health, just that it varies from women to women.
Eating of spicy foods can't help you during your period, limit your sugary food consumption, then you can be rest assured to have a free-relieving cycle flow. 


Never dare It not to changed your sanitary pads everytime. Many young ladies of nowadays are so untidy to the extent of not changing their pads every time they observe their monthly periods. It's already inscribed on the pads to be changed every 6-8hrs but I will categorically tell you it's too long, why not changing your pads every 4hrs you sees a stain on your panties, if you delay in changing your pads more than the stipulated time, it may be detrimental to your female genital system because a hormone called prostaglandin hormone can easily draw up the stained blood after it had changes to greenish and you might develop a cervical problem or even a tumor in the womb like fibrod, so, be very hygienic enough to change your pads regularly to avoid unforeseen circumstances you won't like.


Some thinks because they Menstruate, they can't get pregnant, it's not, chances of getting pregnant maybe very slim but do you know some ladies ovulate twice in a month? As I said earlier, women differs from each other, what happen to one may not be experienced in other, therefore for those women who sees their menses twice a month, it's delicate to move near your spouse during your period because the chances of you conceiving is 50%, also for those who don't even ovulate twice, be careful of moving toward your spouse because, due to some hormonal changes in your body system, not all eggs may be flushed out during your visitor period, though these occurrence is very rare in women, but don't try what you won't finish.

By my Gyanecological theoretical experience and analysis, I observed that most lady tends to get aroused during their Menstruation, yes, it's normal, due to the fact about the ovulation period they experienced, female become more sexually aroused since the eggs embedded inside their uterus couldn't able to see sperm to fertilezed it, hence ouzing out as a period, with my knowledge, I can called this period a "Heat Period" for most ladies, because some of them enjoy coitus most during these periods while some may experience discomfort due their dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation) palava.


Most ladies can't do without drinking cold or ice water, apart from infecting you with pneumonia, taking of cold water during your Menstruation can have adverse effects on your period flow. Do you realize how your hands constricts and feel shaky during a winter/harmattan period, this how the cold water works on the menstrual cycle, the effects of the cold water will make the remnants blood that ought to ouze out of your vag to get constricted thereby making it difficult for you to have a normal free flow, that's why some ladies during their flow have sticky or hardened blood flow (like that of liver), cold water causes blood to constrict thereby causing a painful menstrual problems. 

Lastly, a regular exercise can also help during your menstrual cramps to reduce pains and ouzes out the blood flow

Hope these article helps

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