Frequent urination is the ability to pass urine out of your bowel more than five times a day. The first thing that comes to mind when passing out frequent urine is whether someone is having diabetes, yes, it's possible, due to hyperglycemia effects (high level of blood sugar level in the blood). Other diseases linked with frequent urination are kidney disease, urethra disfunction, bowel cancer to mention but a few. Not yet medically diagnosed as been diabetic but this is the simple home remedy I used to stop waking up almost 5 to 6 times at night to empty my bowel and it really worked.

BITTER LEAVE : Simply get a bitter leave at your backyard when fresh, add little water to the bitter leaves, squeeze the juicy liquid out of the bitter leave, sieve, don't add salt, then drink the entire bitter juice early in the morning before you have your breakfast.

Repeat this procedure for 3days, then, the frequently passing of your urine is drastically stopped

NOTE: Due to the effectiveness of this very important medicnal plant, bitter leave, after drinking like half cup of the juice on the first day, you will experience a change on your body system for that day.

Avoid consumption of too much of alcohols and sugary food, this triggers the glucose level in the body and caused the accumulation of it in your blood, perhaps, resulting in diabetes or diseases alike. Reduce your water level intake before going to bed. 

Hope this article helps.


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