Menstrual cycle comes every month and it's a norm for every lady to use disposable sanitary pads during menstruation. Many a lady have incessantly disposed pads anywhere they see around their house, like corridors, rooms, kitchen dustbins or even dumping group without really know its debilitating effects on Health.
Its certainly true that if you don't dispose your pads the way you should, then, you may be borne to face a risk of diseases or infections.

We are no more living in an environmental friendly ecosystem again, where fossils are burn, rainfall, sunrises which may directly have impact on our environment.

How to properly disposed a sanitary pads

Get a polythene bag or nylon, which is not perforated, put your sanitary pads inside it after every use, tightly and well knot, not allowing air to pass in, then disposed to dustbins, by this measure, the there will be no way the blood on the pads can leak out. The main purpose of doing this is to prevent the passage of all the dirty substances that ouzes out during the period not to get leaked out to affect other things around your environs 

What are now the effect of improper disposing of sanitary pads can have on your health?
When you just throw your pads after usage anyhow on the ground, then, rainfall, the ground allow perforations of water which then in turn will make the pads stain with blood to sink into the ground and affect the water bodies, but, ignorantly, you may not know.

Also, a term in Microbiology called Biomagnification can occur, Biomagnification is the accumulation of toxic chemicals into the water bodies which are in turn ingested by the organisms which dwells in the water such as fish, and unknowingly, these fish, are being fed into the markets for you to consume, hence, having an impact on your body system. 

Another devastating effect it may have on your health is the causing of an airborne infection. How? Leaving a sanitary pad in a basket for too long without proper disposing them will definitely cause a disgusting and offensive odours, inhalation of these odour when these used pads are burnts can inturn have impact on your health. Microorganisms are present everywhere, in water, on land, in air, thus causing the opportunist microbes present in the atmosphere to cause an infection to you through airborne. 

It also becomes irritable to your fellow neighbors if you improperly dispose your pads and cost them their healths.

Be hygienic and save your next neighbor from infections and diseases. 


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