QUESTION : Is it true that the soft spot on top of a baby's head sinks inward this means the baby will die of diarrhea unless he gets special treatment.? 
ANSWER : This often true. The soft spot sinks because the baby has lost too much liquid, unless he gets more liquid soon, he may die.

QUESTION : Is it true that if the light of the eclipsing moon falls on a pregnant mother, her child will be born deformed or retarted?
ANSWER : NO, it's not true, but a child maybe born retarted if the mother does not take iodized salts.

QUESTION : Is it true that a woman should give birth in a darkened room?
ANSWER : YES, it's true, the soft light is easier on the eyes of both the mother and the newborn child, but their should be enough light for the midwife to see what she's doing.

QUESTION : Is it true that a newborn baby should not be bathed until the cord falls off?
ANSWER : Yes, it's true. The stump of the cord should be kept dry until it falls off, but the baby can be gently cleaned with a clean, soft, damp cloth.

QUESTION : How many days after Givin birth should a mother wait before she bathes?
ANSWER : A mother should bath with warm water the day after giving birth. The custom of not bathing for weeks after childbirth can lead to serious infections.

QUESTION : Is it true that sperm poisons mother's milk?
ANSWER : NO, it's not true. However, try not to have sex immediately after child birth to prevent getting pregnant again which might not be good for your health.

QUESTION : Is it true that the traditional breastfeeding is better than modern bottle feeding?
ANSWER : YES, it's true, breast milk is a better food you need to give to your baby, because, it helps protect the baby against infections. The Yellow colored milk, colostrum, that comes out first is especially good for the baby.

QUESTION : What foods should woman avoid during pregnancy and in the first few weeks after childbirth?
ANSWER : During pregnancy and the week following childbirth, women should not NOT avoid nutritious foods, they should eat alot of fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, and beans.

QUESTION : Is it a good idea to bathe a sick person, or will it do him harm?
ANSWER : It's good, sick person should be bath with warm water everyday.

QUESTION : Is it true that oranges, guava, and other fruits harmful when one has a cold or fever?
ANSWER : NO, all fruits and juices are helpful when one has cold or fever. They do not cause congestion or harm of any kind.

QUESTION : Is it true that when a person have fever, he should be wrapped up so that air will not harm him?
ANSWER : NO, not true, when a person have fever, take off all Covers and clothing, let air reach his body, this will help the fever to go down.

QUESTION : Is it true that some baby are born to die?
ANSWER : NO, but some babies are born with a weakness of blood which will lead to early death.

QUESTION : Can a lady who don't ovulate get pregnant?
ANSWER : NO, a lady who don't ovulate can not get pregnant, ovulation is the release of an egg prior embryo fertilization by sperm

QUESTION : Can a lady get pregnant during menstruation?
ANSWER : YES, a lady might actually be pregnant during menstruation, but mostly in rare cases.

QUESTION : Can a weak sperm make a woman pregnant?
ANSWER : NO, Weak or watery sperm can not fertilized an egg.

QUESTION : Why is my vaginal got itching or painful during or after urination
ANSWER : You might have been infected with vaginal infections which can only be treated with antifungal drugs/antibiotics.

QUESTION : Why did I always get sores around my penis region after every intercourse?
ANSWER : It's possible you might be infected with genital warts if you or your spouse are not hygienic enough before and after intercourse.


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