Zika is an infection. It is caused by the bite of a mosquito. 

Zika is a mild illness. It feels like having flu. You may get a mild fever, and a rash. You may also have red eyes, and muscle pain. 

If you get Zika take a mild pain killer. Rest and drink plenty of clean, safe water. Your illness may last 2-7 days. 

If you get Zika when you are pregnant, it may harm your baby. Most babies born to pregnant women who get Zika appear to be healthy, but some are born with problems. Zika can stop the baby’s head and brain growing normally. The baby may be born with a very small head (microcephaly) and may develop other problems later

Mosquitoes carrying Zika live in some warm countries. Zika is most prevalent in regions of South and Central America, the Caribbean and Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia only). But cases have also been reported in Florida. 

The Zika mosquito bites during the day. It is found near pools of still water and near rubbish. 

Get rid of pools of still water near your home and workplace. Seal rubbish in plastic bags. 

Try not to get bitten by mosquitoes. 

Wear clothes that cover your skin. Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours. Wear light-coloured clothes.
Use insect repellents on your skin. Ask at the pharmacy or health centre which ones to use. Or look for one that contains Deet.
Use a bed net. Sleep and rest under an insecticide-treated mosquito net. Use it in the day and at night, even in hot weather.
Tuck the net around you. If it has holes, patch them with fabric.
Use window and door screens if you can to keep insects out of the house

If you are pregnant and think you may have Zika go to your doctor, nearest clinic or hospital.

Credit : babycenter 


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