Kissing is one of the best feelings, especially for people in love. It spices up the relationship specifically if it's done sensually and will make one develop goose bumps. 

However, 90% of people kiss with their eyes closed and not a single individual has ever cared to explain why.  

Well, we found out why: 

Many thought that the reason we practice this fascinating exercise with our eyes closed is because people's vision cannot focus on something as close as the other person's face. 

That said, according psychologists at Royal Holloway University in London, the brain is unable to cope with the combination of visual data and tactile sensation of kissing at the same time. 

In order to focus on such a tactic sensation, people might instinctively close their eyes. 

According to the scientists, the brain is not capable of coping with the combination of the visual data and the tactile sensation of kissing in one yaketake. 

This theory goes a long way to explain why it might be difficult to notice your phone ringing/vibrating during romance. 

The research, which is reported to have been conducted without people necessarily kissing, notes that the same idea is applicable to other situations involving touching.


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