There distinctively two types of animals around the earth, the domestic animals and wild animals, the domestic animals lives amongst us while the wild animals live far away from us, in the bush.
Domestic animals most times are not seen to be harmful and had mostly lived among humans for ages but wild animals if giving the chance to live among humans can be so deadly.

These are some of the 12 Most dangerous animals figure out by Clinicgists that can probably kills human beings within a twinkle of an eye.


Mosquitoes top the number one list, they are very tiny domestic insects seen around us but are the most deadliest animal creatures on earth. Mosquitoes are mostly common in Africa and sub Sahara regions, though can still be found in other parts of the world. 

They are attracted to humans by the exhalation of Co2 (carbon(IV)oxides) by humans, they need human's blood to survive and lay their eggs, that's why the female ones can't do without feeding on a human flesh per day. They release the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum (trophozites) that weakened the immune system and also weakened the body system thereby making their victims susceptible with malaria fever.

They are said to kill about 2.7 million of people per year (oops!! this so much). They have been observed to be more attracted to people with blood (group O), but the unfortunate saddening reversed part of it is that, those with (genotype AA are mostly down with malaria fever) than any other genotypes when bited.

Malaria parasites can be treated with adequate if measures is put in place, but it has been figured out that those who cannot afford the treatment, are the ones that died majorly from this disease.

The effective ways to avoid mosquitoes bites are; proper sanitation, using of chemically treated nets, channel all pipes, wear long clothes, get mosquito repellent, and use prophylactic drugs.
The biting female anopheles  mosquitoes are mostly active at nights, so you must guard against it. 

2. *COBRA*

Cobra are wild animals that attack its prey with a very poisonous venom. Cobra doesn't attack only wild susceptible animals in the bush but can also attack humans too. They have a very powerful jumping power which can be stretched as long as to bring their victims down. They bites their prey by  releasing their poisonous venom to weaken their prey.

If cobra venom are being released into humans blood, they can kills humans within 15minutes, this makes them the No. 2 on the lists of most dangerous animals on earth. They kills about 10,000 people per year.

Avoid underground channels and bush, they mostly hideout from their prey to easily get hold of them.

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Scorpions are not large insects, they are small insects that can be deadly to humans, Scorpions are also venom insects that release their poisons into humans. They mostly stings by their deadly tails. They can be seen mostly in hideout places you would have not expected around your house. If scorpion bite, and left untreated within few minutes/hour, their venom can weakened the victim and cause his death.

Always clear any bushy place around your house, avoid stocking too much loads around the corners of your room, scorpions loves hiding in a cool unexpected areas to attack their victims. Cement every leaking holes around your house and rooms. If you are unfortunately bitten, tie up a rope some centimeters up from the bite and quickly go to nearest hospital for treatment where you will be given an anti-venom injections.

Crocodiles aren't domestic in nature but tends to be more wild as unexpected. These animals are mostly found in water region areas. Most people have been ignorantly killed by these animals.

Crocodiles have a very powerful Jaws and claws that they used to bring down their victims. That's why people of low sub Sahara regions, middle east, have been killed by these animals. These people baths, swims or even fetch water around this areas but unknownly to them, they are being attacked by these hungry crocodiles which when attacking, clip its prey with his sharp Jaws and claws and turn them upside down inside water for their victims to become drowned before tearing them apart.

It's been estimated that crocodiles kills about 2000 human beings per year.

5. *TIGER*

These are another wild dangerous animals that can't be seen around us but can be deadly to humans. Tigers have a very sharp and powerful Jaws and claws they used in attacking their victims. They have a powerful jumping powers like the cobra snakes which makes it very difficult for their prey to escape.

It's been estimated that, Tigers kills about 800 human beings per year.


They are known to be one of the biggest animals on the earth. Elephant can be categorized as both domestic animals and wild animals. His abilities to dwell among humans, especially in India makes it domestic, they even use it as exhibitions to tourists, but if being provoked can be very deadly. Elephants have a very powerful husks which he can used to fling humans away at distance.

Sadly enough, it's been estimated that about 600 people die per year from elephant reprisal attack.

One surest way to avoid been killed by elephants is to stand still or slowly move backwards in a slow walking manner, by these, they tends to be soft in attacking you by not hurting you. Never run when being attacked by elephants, when you run, you serves as treat to them which makes them hunt you down.

7. *LIONS*

Mostly called the king of animals, they are powerful terrestrial animals that kills there preys with their powerful claws and Jaws coupled with their jumping power to make it difficult for their preys to escape. Humans are prey to lions, so, don't dare to be like Samson in the Bible and confront lions, because, as story tells, someone who did this at UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN ZOO, NIGERIA, got himself ignorantly killed.

It's estimated that lions kills about 500 humans per year.


Hippopotamus might be seen as second largest animal aside elephants. Never mind their big body nature, because hippos attacks and moves to catch their preys if they are hungry with a speed of light, very strong with powerful Jaws that makes their victims susceptible to them, so, please, run your ass out when you see hippos, because they are extremely dangerous.

It's estimated that Hippos kills about 300 humans per year.

9 *Deers
Deers are wild animal that funnily kills humans by collision, many bikers and tourists who tour with cars in America have been killed by these animals. They unexpectedly jump into the road without even minding the incoming vehicles, collision with these animals have made about 200 people lost their lives every year in America.

10. *BEES*

Bees are those smaller insects that stings. Though they may be very productive by giving us honey but they can still be deadly if stings by humans. When they stings, an allergy is triggered, in which if the immune can't subsides their sting effects, it can moves to the blood stream, raise the body pulse, and makes the body lymphs to become more swollen, someone who is allergic to sting bite can die within a short minutes if not being treated on time.

It's estimated that Bees kills about 50 people of humans per year.


These are animals found in water that are not evenly common in most part of the world. They are mostly found in Phillipines, they attack their victims by biting human legs, their venom is so powerful which makes human to become drowned in water when being bite and in most cases, humans dies from their bites in the water.

It's estimated that Box jellyfish kills most Phillipines, and about 40 people dies from this animals every year.

12. *DOGS*

The last on the lists are Dogs.  The most friendly pet any human can have is dog. They are very friendly, obedient, sharp and easily cautioned domestic animals. But do you know they can be dangerous?

As humans have their rights by defending themselves, so animals such as dogs to have. If the power of their rights are being breached, then they become mostly dangerous to us humans, especially the security dogs like Austracians, bull dogs, even sometimes our local drugs, Labradogs can be extremely dangerous.

Dogs attacked their victims by their sharp fang front tooths which paralyzed their preys and makes it more susceptible when they attacked.

Dogs bites can results into one developing rabies, a disease which if left untreated within few minutes will make the victim barks like dogs and kills.

So if you get a local or foreign dogs as pet, never provoke them for reprisal that can make you even as owner to lose your live.


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