Health Benefits of Marriage that will Interest you


Marriage is the union or solemnization of two individuals together. Some people married for many reasons, while some tends to remained celibate for life, but the most outstanding reason why people marry is to bear children that will serve as continuity to a family. Being single might not be that healthically wise, but that doesn't mean that does who are single aren't healthy in their own state, their may be some detrimental health effects attached to being single when compared to married ones.

What are the Health Benefits Attached to Marriage?

These are some of the health benefits attached to married couples:

The couples tends to helps themselves in taking care of children, domestic house chores such as cleaning of the house, washing and so on. It's a norm in Africa especially that most women does more of the house chores by keeping the house in order but this should not be so, both partners should be a help to each other so as to reduce the load of stress on the opposite partner, so married people doesn't really undergo much stress than single ones. The main stress they may undergo is thinking of how to fend for their family which should be paramount in marriage. The single peoples are solely responsible on how to keep their house in order, in term of decision making and domestic house chore which most time are monotonous to many single people. 


Yes, inadequate rest most especially serves as a contributing factor to development of high B.P among single people especially, one of the antidote to reduce the risk of high B.P is a 'Good Massage'.

Massage can greatly helps to reduce the risk of high B.P among married couples than those who aren't married. Intense massage from opposite cex can tends to triggers some pleasurable hormones in the body system, thereby reducing the rate at which heart bump blood, massage can also aid to reduce being hypertensive. Self massaging may not be effective for the reduction of high B.P among single people.


Cex is health-wisely good for married couples, it has some interesting benefits attached to it such as boosting of the immune system (most especially early morning zex which is the most preferred time to meet), lower the risk of prostate cancer especially for people of age 40yrs and above, burning of more calories and best drug to cure stress or aches, this has an edge to those who are singles who mostly involved in self-pleasurizing themselves which might not be that healthwisely good for them. 


Abstinence is the best option for single ones from contacting STDs, but using protection can also be helpful to a minimal level. Married couples are solely bonded to one partner for Intercourse, therefore, no worries for contacting STDs from your sexual partner 
Sleeping with opposite zex you are married to can be greatly beneficial as long as you have carried out medical checks on spouse before marriage. Single people are not save from contacting of STDs because they are bonded sexually to many people which put their lives at risk of getting STDs from the infected partners. 


Though not all homes (married) are happy but for the fortunate couples, marriage brings happiness and joy to them. Been sad, depressed or irascible weariness are mostly noticed in those people who live single life, they are the author and finisher of their decisions, actions, they might not trust no one for advise, decisions and actions taken, they tends to keep every bordering issues to themselves which has in many great length made many of the single ones being depressed but this is not so to married couples, they have confidence in themselves, does things together, decide together and are responsibile for their most of actions, even if their is any bordering issues waning down one partner, the other partner rises upto the issues to serve as confidant for the other partner in terms of advice, decisions and actions.

Never be misconstrued, many people also derived joy and pleasures in being single, single lives are better to some while it's in reverse case to others, but, if to consider both (single & married) healthwisely, mingled lives are the best.


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