8 Worrisome Reasons Why your Breast May Become Saggy


The women breasts are one of the most sensitive tissues which serves as women's pride, but most women or younger generation of nowadays are mostly worried about how their breast look, preferably, most ladies wish and wants their breast firm and stands.

Having a saggy breast may be worrisome to some ladies while many ladies may not even border, but whether your breasts are firm or saggy shouldn't really be a thing of concern because all humans are not made or born with equal skin firmness. 

What causes Saggy Breasts?

Genetic Factor 
One of the most intrinsic factor is the gene. Genetically speaking, a little baby girl who was born may tends to develop a saggy breast later in future if her mother has saggy breasts, no doubt about that, most women with very tender/soften skin tissues tends to have saggy breasts than those with hardened skin layer.

Not regularly wearing a bra to support yourself up there might make your breasts saggy. The Bras in one way or the other tends to helps women to raise their breasts, especially 'Push Ups'. Women breasts are made of fatty tissues which mostly consists of proteins, so as you debar from regularly wearing bra, there are possibilities of making your breast to become more saggy. So camisole only cannot do, get a Shaped sized Bra. 

It's been established that people who are more fond of smoking tends to have saggy breasts than those who don't smokes, Smoking cause the collagen level in the skin to break down thereby causing dropping of breasts. 

Poor Excercise
Not having regular exercise is another contributing factor for saggy breast, for those with huge/large breasts, they posses more fatty breast content, thereby, doing a regular exercise will help you to burn more fatty content/calories which in turn will make your breasts to become  reduced, sizely shaped and bit of firm. 

During the pregnancy period of woman, they possess more larger, saggy breast than those who aren't pregnant, it's normal this happens during pregnancy period, because the milk duct have been filled with colostrum, and their oestrogen levels are very high during this time, the colostrum serves as breast milk to the Unborn child. So, no cause for alarm, when, you deliver the child, the breasts might probably go back to normal if u are a woman with thick skin or become less saggy because, your newborn baby draws the milk from the fat breasts, in return, this makes your breast less saggy. That's why you see the nursing mother mostly with saggy breasts. 

Regular Abortion
Abortion is not good, but a lady who does regular abortion/use pills to prevent pregnancies may tends to have more saggy breasts than those who doesn't, why? because during the first trimester period of being pregnant, your breasts tends to be filled with milk ducts which will be expecting the foetus inside you to feed on as you deliver, but unfortunately when you abort, the oestrogen level, colostrum level, and other essential nutrients which were present in the breasts falls back to the latter state, thereby relaxing your full grown milk breasts and makes it saggy

Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side may cause breasts to sag more over time, since one will dangle downward and its ligaments can become stretched.

Snoozing on your back, on the other hand, can help reduce signs of aging, and because the weight of your breasts are fully supported on your chest, it may help them retain their perkiness

Old Age
Be quite sure that as you age, your skin firmness level continue to drop, so even if you have firm breasts before, be prepared to be loosing it gradually due to age barrier in which your fatty firm tissue won't be able to hold firm anymore. 

Incessant Smooching
This may be funny but true, as a man, you should make your woman look the way you want her to be, am talking of management here, Some men can smooch or squeeze anything over the chest, but caution must be taken, as a woman's stomach is bound to enlarge during her pregnancy is the same for the breasts, breasts are bound to contract and relax, during the horny period, the opposite spouse who tends to hungrily smooch/draws or in unstable state or manner squeezes the breasts of her spouse may gradually be relaxing the fatty content of the woman, there is tendency for the breasts to become more relaxed than usual if they are wrongly squeezed, which in turn makes the breasts become more relaxed and saggy, thereby, whenever you are there, be gentle with the two precious God's gift of nature on your woman's chest so that your ignorant horny attitudes won't make you detest your wife beautiful two pointed apples on her chest later in the future.

Hope this article helps.


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