Most times what we eat may tell on how our skin will look like, Most people have disrupted their skin layers to what they eat, drink and use on a particular skin. 

In order for you to make your skin glow and ageless, these are some of the things clinicgists figure that can make your skin become younger than you really are. 

1. Reduce Stress

Reduce the way you stretch out those muscles especially when you are grower older, stress contribute immensely on how your skin looks, imagine those farmers, hausas that axe log of woods, bricklayers, they undergo much stress day and night, you can't compare your skin to them, even an ordinary bike man skin do looks shabby because of the intense daily stress they undergo. 

2. Exfoliate Weekly

Our skin sheds dead cells regularly, creating a new layer every 28 days. But that process can slow over time, leading to a dull-looking complexion and rough patches. To help remove that build up, exfoliate weekly for brighter skin.

3. Use Mild Products

Avoid using beauty products that can irritate, burn or damage the skin. Go for mild products that work over a duration of time and with gradual process.
Avoid using bleaching creams and soaps that will in time makes your skin looks ugly and aging at later time. 

4. Watch What You Eat

I said this at my introduction  some foods take longer to digests. While others are damaging to the inner part of the body. What happens on the outside of your body is the result of what you put in it. It’s important to eat foods that nourish the skin over the years. Eat a lot of veggies, carrots, do you know if you cut carrot to pieces and you soak them for a day and you drink the water next day, it can really do magic to glow your skin. 

5. Avoid Alcohol

Drinking too much is also thought to deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. It causes hydration and makes the body age faster. That's why those alcohol addicts will never have a glitter skin and alcohols also makes skin age faster. 

6. Drink Water

Water is very important. It serves as a detox, immune booster and aids digestion.

7. Use Supplements

Omega-3s found in certain seafood, like salmon, can help keep skin moist and may even delay its maturing process by preventing wrinkles.

8. Take Palmwine 
You surprised? Though Palmwine maybe considered alcoholic due to its ethanol contents, but mix the Palmwine with a clean glass of water to become less toxic and take this once in a week, you will see a better result on your skin, Palmy makes the skin fresh. 


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