Coughs are mostly caused by viruses. In most cases, people experienced coughs due to change in weather conditions, drinking cold water, or from indirect transmission from an infected person to a susceptible individual.

Before thinking of taking synthetic drugs such as coflins, aspirin, septrin and cofmix expectorant which are mostly used for underage children, you can easily go for home available ingridents such as taking warm lemon juice water with addition of honey in it. Not that this synthetic drugs doesn't work, but the problems will have with our antibiotics nowadays is the increasingly developement of resistance to antibiotics of the superbugs causing the virus. 

Taking the mixture of lemon with honey are greatly 'soothing magic' home available ingridents that cure coughs.

Slice and squeeze about 4-5 pieces of lemon into a cup, add about 2-3 spoonful of honey into it, add a little warm water, then drink. Repeat this process for like 3days for better result. 

This measure is the one of the best antibiotics against this virus, taking of drugs nowadays to treat coughs have not been so effective to treat coughs because of the development of the drug resistant to the superbgs causing the virus.

So if you are presently having a disturbing coughs, adopt this measures and your stubborn coughs will go within 3days.

After 3days you've adopted this measures and you still experience cough, please I advice you to kindly visit your physician for further medical diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, coughs might have been pronounced to whooping or tuberculosis in which will really need a better medical diagnoses and treatment. The measures explained was just a first aid treatment that will help you to tackle coughs and it's proven to be effectively working.

Hope this helps


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