Many people used antibiotics for various reasons with purposes. With liitle ailments like this, next thing that comes to mind is drugs, not all ailments require drugs, our body sometimes are so miraculously blessed to heal itself with some minor ailments without using any drugs.

Wrongful usage of antibiotics might be lethal to our body system, especially if you use it on non-targeted infections, then you do yourself more harm than good. 

There are some minor ailments which requires no drugs at all but a simple home remedy cure will do, aliments such as common cold which may trigger cattarh, diarrhea, headaches, body pains, and minor coughs. 

Common cold which causes catrrah are cause by virus which may cause runny and stuffy nose and slight body temperature, instead of using drugs to cure this, a simple home remedy such as taking alot of warm water can just do, eating of oranges have been proovened to help in relieving of cattarh.

Diarrhea is another ailment which does not need an antibiotics. Babies, or even adults, having diarrhea can take alot of fluids, which can really help in easing diarrhea. Your body becomes dehydrated due to loss of fluids when you have diarrhea but by taking a rehydrating drink, you will be easily eased of any diarrhea. You can simply use the home remedy of extracted liquid from bitter leaf or what Nigerian yorubas called 'efinrin', and drink the water very early in the morning, within shortest hours, diarrhea will be gone.

For little babies suffering from diarrhea, breast milk is important during this time, breast feed your child and it wil eases his diarrhea, because during course of having diarrhea, aside many fluids that are being lost, the rate of food digestion from the guts is also fast, so, alot of food to eat will be required during this time to heal the baby's diarrhea.

Stress is another major factor contributor to minor aliments, such as headaches, body pains. If you over stress yourself during the day, there is possibility of body weakness which may be accompanied by chronic headaches and body pains, instead of thinking of using an antibiotics, why can't you just simply take a rest, resting your muscles, tendons and nerves are best medicine to overcome body stressure. That's why some people, no matter how feverish they are, after having some nap sleep or rest, the fever is all gone without using any drugs.
Headaches can simply be treated by grinding an onion eatract, apply the liquid from it on your fore head, take a nap sleep, by the time you will be awake, the ache is gone. 

The bottom line of this article is that you should not just use an antibiotics anyhow to treat minor sickness when you only need a rest or some home available remedies. Antibiotics drugs are modified to be a very strong medicines and are made to treat a targeted infection or diseases .

Moreover, there is problem of antibiotic resistance in which the microbes causing the infections or diseases become stubborn or adapted to the drugs thereby causing efflux actions. That's why malaria nowadays is hard to treat, one of the major disease in Africa in which the Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agents of this ailments have developed many resistance to some antibiotics used in treating this ailment, some people keep having malaria, even after it has been treated, but due to resistivity of this stubborn organisms to the antibiotics used,the malaria may resurfaced again and again. 

Also, wrong use of antibiotics can be lethal to your health, by damaging some vital organs in your body system, such as the kidney and liver, so you must be very careful in your choice of antibiotics you want to use next time. 

NOTE: Please, only use antibiotics if you noticed the home remedies are not working for you and the infections or ailments have really weakened your body. The antibiotics you must used should be prescribed for you by a medical personnel or a well trained pharmacist.


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