Shaving is an act of using a shaving stick to clean up the grown up hairs on your body. We used shaving stick to clean grown up hairs on our pubic parts, armpits and faces. There is a need to shaved off these hairs in order to get rid of some germs and dirts which maybe embedded in these hairs. Even mosts times, men felt a bit of itching on their cheeks if they failed to shave theses hairs off,the inability of you to shave these hairs may results in developments of bumps on the cheek or around the neck.
These are the reasons why you need to shave off grown up hairs on your pubic regions, armpits and faces;

There is a high risk of germs lurking in your pubic regions such as private parts. Women should carefully shave off their downstairs to avoid harboring of harmful microflora which are lurked in the vag region. The sweat around the pubic regions of women can give germs a conducive environment to thrive around their vag and cause vag infections such as vaginosis which are mostly caused by bacteria. Inability to shave off the pubic grown up hairs, deposits sweats on the surface of the vag and these is very harmful to the vag, so their is a need to carefully shave it off occasionally to avoid being infected with germs and other dangerous vag microflora (microorganisms which colonizes the vag region).

Another factor a lady should be very careful of when shaving is that, the vag regions are very sensitive region and care must be taken so as not to get injured. It must be mildly shaved not aggressively shaved, aggressive shaving can proliferates bumps or boils and if germs are lurked in these bumps, then, it might be difficult to get rid of them because there will certainly be infusion of pus inside the bumps due to infiltration of bacteria which can only be treated with an antibiotics or some minor home measures like using a warm water to mount up the affected area.

This another lymphatic region which need to be shaved. Aggregation of too much hairs around this region can proliferate a body odour. You wonder sometimes why many people's body smells offensively? then, check their armpits. Unshaved grown up hairs brings sweats to the armpits which definitely makes most armpits smells. Unshaved grown up hairs in many cases may cause someone to develop a body odour and if not routinely shaved due to unhygienic habits, then someone may battle with body odours for life.


These has to do with men. Many men keeps beards, face hairs to looks matured,its proper but if not adequately treated, then the beards or hairs may cause you a hardened bumps which many are battling with till today. Bumps maybe very stubborn to get rid off if the facial hairs are not properly shaved.
Bacteria can invade the shaved region if not properly treated, therefore, you must washed off with clean water and mild soaps in order to avoid invasion of dangerous microbes that may cause stubborn bumps.
Shaving creams is advised if you wish to shave with shaving stick or if clippers are used.


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