Balance diets are foods that contains all proportion classes of foods, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and oil, minerals, vitamins and water.

Let's take a look at these classes of foods one by one and their importance :

Foods such as yam, rice, bread, wheat, cassava, & already processed foods such as semolina, pounded yam(yorubas) akpu(igbo) fufu(yoruba), yam flour, to mention but few are all great source of energy to our systems.

But note that too much of carbohydrates most times in the body may not be ideal for the body because some of this foods are converted into complex sugar which may in turn leads to hyperglycemia (too much of sugar in the bloodstream).

Therefore those who fonds of not having a time table for foods should get one or better still, don't depends mainly on carbohydrates foods as only source of your food in the house, some can eat rice for a whole month, for example, you ate rice for breakfast, semolina for lunch and yam/fufu/pounded yam for dinner (which is sometimes common among the yorubas), then, your food is not yet balanced for that day, you are just ingesting mainly carbohydrates foods, try and make your food balanced by mixing it with other classes of foods. 

It's advisable to eats any carbohydrates food in the morning, due to their high supplements of energy and calories to the body. It's wakes up the body cells and prepare the body for proper functioning. 

Foods such as bread with eggs, yam with eggs, yam and stew, and beans and other light carbohydrate foods can be taking for breakfast due to fast rate of digestion, but any solid carbohydrates foods such as akpu, pounded yam, yam floury (amala), semolina are advisable to be taken at lunch when the body system would have been very active.
Bombarding your stomach with heavy foods in the morning might not be good for your kidney functions.


Protein is another class of food that is needed by the body to build, without presence of protein in our body, our body can not grow, in a nutshell, proteinous foods are body building foods which its a must be to eaten regularly in order to have good, healthy and glowing skins.

One of the most rich source of protein is from eggs, meats and beans, though most people detest eating of beans in their meals, while most love eating it. But beans as a rich source of protein is one of the beneficial vital food that fall under this class of food.

Combination of proteinous and carbohydrate foods can be a good balance diet for the body. Rice ad beans is one of the best example, also beans and bread, egg and bread, meats, milk are all beneficial source of protein which greatly helps the body to build.

This another important nutrients required by the body in large quantities. There are diverse classes of vitamins with their own functions, starting from Vit. A, Vit. B1-12, Vit. C, Vit. D, Vit. E, and Vit.K, all these are very important to the body systems to function.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts to work properly.

Most people should be able to get all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet. If you choose to take vitamin and mineral supplements, seek advice where appropriate.

Fat-soluble vitamins
Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E and K) are mainly found in: 

animal fats
vegetable oils
dairy foods
oily fish
While your body needs these vitamins to work properly, you don't need to eat foods containing them every day.

Water-soluble vitamins
Water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C, the B vitamins and folic acid) are mainly found in:

fruit and vegetables
milk and dairy foods
These vitamins aren't stored in the body, so you need to have them more frequently.

If you have more than you need, your body gets rid of the extra vitamins when you urinate.

Vitamins helps in boosting of immune system, clearing of vision, aids the body organs in proper functioning, aids easy digestion by preventing constipation and helps in relieving of catarrh (in the case of citric fruits, such as orange), taking 1 or 2 oranges per day, can prevent cold catarrh.

Vitamins supplements maybe natural (in the case of fruits) or artificially made (synthetic drugs) go for natural ones, such as fruits, eat fruits daily, especially before every meals, this immensely aids in boosting of immune systems and supplement the body with essential nutrients. 

Vitamins are best taken with breakfast meals before or after meals, NOT during meals, taking fruits with meals might not be ideally proper for the body functioning, Vitamins can be taking at any part of the day but it shouldn't be necessary or advisable to be taking with meals.


Fat and oils are essential nutrients required by the body in minute quantities, the source of the fat can be gotten from animals while the oils can be from vegetables, coconuts oils, fats are required by the body in minute quantity to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the body. Too much of fat can be detrimental to the heart, affects the heart functioning which may in turn leads to some certain ailments such as cardiac arrest/heart failure, Hypertension & coronary diseases.

Oils also are required in minutes quantity, they aids in skin lubrication,bfir instance, sebaceous glands which aids in lubrication of the skins and makes it tender and become moisture. So both fat and oils are good for the body but are to taken in smallj quantities.

Eating red meats such as cow meats, dog meats, goat meats, are not ideally proper for the heat functioning, it has been scientifically proven to bad for the heart development and functioning, that's why the best recommended meats with vital essential nutrients are jthe Bush meats at which majority of the people are not cognizant of. So it's advisable to go for Bush meats in your daily meals but the worrying thing about this Bush meats is that, it's scarce to get and its only people who tends to live in rural areas eats most of these meats, that's why a local village people may tends to last longer and are more healthier than those who lives at urban areas, which can properly juxtapose and substantiate the fact why majority of rich people dies slowly at very tender age than people who lives in rural areas. The deaths mostly associated with the rich people are either cancer, hypertension, or cardiac arrest(heart attack).

Cardiac arrest may result if there are too much of high cholesterol in the body systems due to high amount of fats which blocks the arterial walls and venous walls that leads blood to the heart, this makes the heart beats faster which could eventually leads to aforementioned aliment above resulting to deaths. 

Minerals are also essential nutrients needed by our body for proper functioning.

Minerals include calcium and iron amongst many others and are found in:

milk and dairy foods
fruit and vegetables
Minerals are necessary for 3 main reasons:

building strong bones and teeth
controlling body fluids inside and outside cells
turning the food you eat into energy


Water is very essential in life. Water if life, without water, earth can not survives. This make water the most important factor of all the balance diets. If you take any meal without having water beside you, then your food is not yet balanced.

Advantages: Water as an essential element of balanced diets aids in digestion, aids in nourishment of skin and body, helps in flushing out toxic substances from the body systems, its the best alternative substitute for quenching thirst, and finally, drinking 1litre glass of water daily before taking breakfast immensely benefit the kidney for proper functioning and makes all organ to worked perfectly well.

Hope this helps

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