You would have be aware not to use mobile phones at the fuel stations as there is a risk of explosion. These tags are placed in every petrol stations.
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However, not all might be convinced with this reason. You might be confused on why you should not use your mobile phone at petrol stations. In that case, you can get your doubts cleared with the content given below. Take a look!

The electromagnetic radiation from phone might result in explosion

It is widely believed that the electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phones can pass on enough energy that can ignite the petrol vapor directly or induce currents in the nearby metal objects triggering a spark resulting in an explosion. The electromagnetic waves are responsible for the two-way communication between your phone and the tower. These waves are of high energy and this is a major cause of concern.

Lack of evidence of explosion due to use of mobiles

From the scientific perspective, there is no evidence proving the connection between explosions at the gas stations and the use of cellphones. In fact, studies have proven that none of the gas station fires were related to cellphone usage. The batteries that power the mobile phones are of low voltage, so these are no potent enough to ignite a spark at a petrol station.

Defective batteries might trigger an explosion

While a normally functioning smartphone battery is not likely the reason for an explosion, the probable cause of explosion in a gas station due to mobile phone usage could be a defective battery. But, the chances of using a phone with a defective battery is pretty scanty.


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