Satchet water popularly known as pure water among Nigerians is one of the most popular consumed drinking water among an average Nigerians, we may say because of its affordability, somewhat- purity and portability, makes it a wide choice for people to consume.

Drinking satchet water to some extent is health wisely good but it has its own good and side effects, some people prefer taking well water, borehole water or even table water. What's the good and side effects of satchet water?

Satchet water level of purity is still high compared to other water source because they are chemically treated and preserved.

Satchet water are preserved with chemical which can take a longer time before microbial growth can occurred compared to other water.

Side effects 

Satchet water can be dangerous for the G. I. T (gastrointestinal tract) if the concentration of chemicals they used for its preservative is high. 

Satchet water get spoiled by producing offensive Odours when placed on cemented floors which can give rise to microbial growth. Incorcate habit of placing your bag of pure satchet water on wooden surface, rugs, or even carpets, but not on cemented floors

Where they produced some of this satchet water are not hygienic enough which can affect the level of its purity and cause diseases.

You can also drop your own view about its advantages and side effects 

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