In Western part of Africa, especially in Nigeria, agbo(liquid concoction herb) as it is popularly called are taken almost everyday by people to cure many ailments which affects the body. It has been proofen to be very effective to a greater extent in curing of certain ailments, and yet there are some critical ailments in which only medical procedure can cure at which the herbs can't be effective in curing it. 

Many a few people especially in African countries drinks herbs as if they are drinking water without even knowing the root of source of the concocted herb. We have several types of Agbo(local herbs), the ones that cures bile (what yoruba tribe called jedi jedi), the one that cures malaria, the one that cures typhoid to mention but a few, out of all the health ailments  these are the three popular aliment which are most common among an average African people.

Why you should be very careful with drinking of non-Hygenic herb (Agbo)? 

If you go to where these sellers who sold these herbs are, most of these places are not Hygenic enough, dirty, littered and smells. You may even develop a disease in the name of curing a disease with a herb. 
Firstly, you don't actually know the source of their water they used in mixing of the herbs together, heats doesn't kills all bacteria, and there are even percent of centigrade of temperature that maybe bacteriostatic or bactericidal to an organism. Anytime i noticed a bitter taste and body fever, I go to herb seller for malaria herbs, yes, to some certain extent, the herb subside the fever but after few days I come down with malaria again at which it ignoramusly lead to my development of typhoid fever.

How does the typhoid fever develops by drinking the local herb? 

If the water used in the preparation of the herbs are not Hygenic enough, it can lead to thriving of Salmonella spp to dwell in it, about 1million spp of Salmonella is enough to cause a typhoid fever, after many days of taking the herbs recurrently, I noticed my body temperature keeps getting high, lower abdominal pains and after some days I noticed I starts having black stools, but I couldn't able to fathom what's the actual cause of this, because people around me drinks the same water I drank, which now make me to discern that the probable herbs have been taking to even cure my worrisome ailment have lead to development of another ailment.

Taking of Agbo(local herb) is not bad at all if its prepared in Hygenic condition but what these herbs sellers fails to understand is that, the source of their water should be probably be from a drinking water that is very clean, the herbs that had been used need proper re-warming the follow day and also the herbs efficacy drastically deteriorates after 2days and may not actually work on the target organism again, therefore, if the source of their water is not Hygenic enough, it may probably leads to typhoid fever and other worrisome ailments.

Another worrisome problem associated with drinking herbs is the Dosage. Herbs doesn't have dose like drugs do, amount of agbo(herbs) people take can't be measured, which maybe detrimental to the liver if consumed in much quantity, its should also be noted that not all the herbs can be utilized by the body and egested from the kidney which means, it can be dangerous to your kidney which may infiltrate high blood pressure, major symptoms of kidney disease. 

The basic piece of this article is that, taking of  herbs without knowing the water source they used in the mixture can be detrimental to your health, its advisable to prepare the herbs on your own if you know basic necessary requirement needed for the herbs. 

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