There are some factors which maybe be responsible for your headaches that you may not be able to fathom, There are sometimes you may not even need drugs before the aches ward off your head by simply recognising the effects of the aches, you can cure the aches on your own or by just applying simple home remedy.

These are what probably four major factors which may caused your headaches and what you need to take cognizant of, to cure it on your own;


This is one of the intrinsic body weakening factor that can contribute to the strain of the nerve endings at your spinal cords, thereby leading to serious aches. When you over stress yourself at work or you don't have enough rest, your body tends to become weakened and thereby headache can come at which in most cases, it can protract out an illness, such as body fever or even malaria. 

What you need to do;
If you are type that do hard work chores, you may easily develop both body ache and headache, just find time to relax or take a one or two break from work, the aches will go on its own, when you don't over stress the nerves connecting the spinal cord to the brain, you won't develop headache. You don't need to take any drugs before the aches ward off on its own. Relaxation is enough to ward off the aches.


Food is life, those who go on a fast do feel this signs of aches in their head. As the car you drive need a fuel to power, that's how the brain needs energy to carry out its proper functions. You feel aches most times if you don't eat or you eat very late. When you don't eat or you eat late, you deprive the brain of essential nutrients required to function well thereby looking for every source to tap nutrients to become healthy, by so doing, you may likely develop a chronic headache. 

What you need to do;
Simply get yourself a good food and eat, taking of fruits during this time is essential, no need to bump into eating heavy food and no need of taking any drugs, you need to eat and relax, the aches will ward off on its own. 


Those who keep vigils or suffer from insomnia won't find it easy with recurrent headaches in their heads, depriving yourself of sleeps or inadequate sleep may probably leads to development of migraine (a chronic sharp headache at one half region of your head), when there is no enough or adequate sleep or you have problem with sleeping, the nerve ending connecting the eye to the brain might be stressed up, thereby developing a serious chronic pain around your eye and head region, that's why sometimes, you see those people who have nap sleep with swollen eyes or some complained of headaches after wakening up at intervals during sleep, many detest interrupting their sleep because it gives them alot of aches around their head and some may even not feel sleepy again which may probably leads to headaches. 

What you need to do;
Insomnia is a medical condition of not able to sleep, avoids drugs or foods that interrupt sleeps, such as coffee, it contains caffein that affect sleep, bitter kola. Stop the habit of using sleeping pills, this also affects brain and may leads to insomnia. It's best when sleep comes naturally, if you feel you need to have a sound and healthy sleep, I advice you take a cup of tea( not coffee tea) but a tea with plenty of milk, milk had been proofing to induces sleep, also, to get rid of your headache, you can get yourself an onion, cut a small piece, take out the little water extract that comes out of the onion, apply it onto your forehead and sleep immediately, when you wake up, you might notice a slight sweat around your forehead, no need to worry, this is as a result of powerful healing help of onions in curing headaches that aren't chronic, the extract you applied goes through the pores of your forehead and relief you off your headache when you sleep. Hope this works for you. 


This is the least thing you should consider when you aren't feeling well with yourself. Not all headaches is a symptom of malaria or any ailment, headaches may come naturally when this three factors discussed above is not taking care of, some feel a little headache like this is malaria, no, you may need to rest, eat good food or even sleep with no drugs and the aches goes off on its own, its strongly advice you should stop drug abuse, don't use any drug on slight noticing of an ache, try and take care of those three factors above and if it doesn't work, then, you may need to take a prophylactic medicine such as PCM (paracetamol), and after taking this, you still feel ached, then you need to visit your nearest hospital for better treatment, it may simple means, malaria or any ailment had developed which will required better treatment and medications.

Hope this helps. 

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