Immune system play a very important role in surpression of diseases and infections, when we talked about immune system, we talked about your white blood cells which functions to engulf germs, infections and diseases by surpressing them so it won't have any effects on your body system.

Many people look worried why they easily fall sick after taking a particular food or water, or after a bite from mosquitoes despite the same genotype with the same neighbours around them, the simple answer is that, their immune system is immunocompromised and it is weakened to fight infections and engulf germs.

Immunocompromised people are easily attack with infections and fall sick often if care is not taken, if you fall sick often, is either you get yourself tested or your immune system is weakened, the T4 cells are weak to fight off infections therefore their will be a need to eat foods that boosts immune systems. 

The AA genotype as you know are prone to malaria after a bite from female anopheles mosquitoes but not all AA goes down with malaria after being bitten, their are some AA with strong immune system, no matter how often they were bitten, they can never goes down easily with malaria fever whereas you with the same genotype with just a bite, begins to feel weak and develop fever, its because your immune system is weakened.

There are some who can drink any water available around them, such as well water, tap water, even stream water but you with immunocompromised system can't try such, it's estimated that about 1 millions species of salmonella are capable of causing typhoid fever, but with immunocompromised victims, you can't just drink any water anyhow, but only treated water, because if you do, these microbes (Salmonella typhi) that causes typhoid fever is capable of replicating with faster generation time, that is, multiplying themselves in low time in your blood stream than those with strong immune system, but being immunocompromised should never be a thing to worry about because their are some supplements that are capable of boosting your immune systems such as Max-Cellgivity, which contains gluthiatone, an antioxidant that is capable of boosting immune system, there are other supplements available around you which you can easily get from a certified pharmaceutical shop, also foods as been proven to be the first antibiotics that fight germs and infections and boost your immune system, so you need to eat regular healthy foods such as fruits and cereals, daily taking of fruits such as oranges, banana, pawpaw, carrots will be very helpful in boosting up your immune systems and makes your white blood cells versatile to fight off infections. 

Hope this helps. 

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