How to make local herbs 'agbo' for Malaria and Typhoid treatment


When I was young, I do visit my papa to Bush to get leaves of various kinds, which can be either for typhoid or malaria. Malaria is a common stubborn infection common in this part of Africa, and one of the most leading cause of infant deaths in sub Sahara Africa.

Malaria fever is caused by a parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, which enters its host cell by releasing this parasite through biting and Sucking and the victim becomes down with malaria fever.

Typhoid fever is a water born infection which is caused by a contaminated water and a bacteria, Salmonella typhi. Its estimated that about 1millions species of this bacteria is able to cause this typhoid fever.



Pluck mango leaves that is still green in colour

Get a cutlass to pluck the back of mango and cashew tree.

Pluck a lemon grass and slice about two to three pieces of lemon into a kettle.

If you are conversant with these leaves 'ewe laali' or 'ewe rere' you can also join it with it and if you can't get around you no need.

Get ripe leaf of pawpaw and add.

Get Alabukun for a pharmacy shop, and add it.

Add water to a half brim inside the kettle.

Boil for about 10 minutes, and allow to cool for a while, take in the morning and night after meal.

This should work for you withing three days of usage.

If after three days you don't see any improvement, pls you are advice to consult a medical center near around you.

Typhoid is simple to treat locally if you have the right recipe right within your environs.


Get unripe pawpaw, and pill off the skin

Dip it inside salt and eat it like that, this work very fast for typhoid.


Pluck pawpaw, wash it very well, don't pill off, slice it into into pieces, soak it with clean water and little salt inside a PET transparent bottle, leave it for about three days, then take after 3days. This also work fast for typhoid fever.

Hope this helps...

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