What and where women love during foreplay


Women are natural God made being that are too sensitive to things around them and on their body.

Generally, women are not moved by sight, if you like, carry more than 7 packs, all what they can do is to admire it but wont moved them, this is in contrast to men who are easily moved by sight especially anything upward chest and under skirts.

These are the most sensitive areas in women you need to touch before you start your foreplay, which will be lists according to their order of sensitivity ;


This is the most sensitive area in women's body even most women didn't even know, many ladies think clit#ris is the most sensitive part of their body but no, clit#ris is sensitive but not upto side neck region of a lady, you can stimulate a lady cl#ts and she may decided not to be horny or get moved but stimulation or sucking of side neck region of a lady can makes a lady lose her mind and becomes more wet under, this is actually good during foreplay to make your woman more horny and ready for action.

It is a fact that the sensitive neurons and nerves around the neck regions of a woman doubled that of her cl#ts


This another sensitive area men doesn't focused on during foreplay. Continuous rubbing of inner thigh of women makes her go wild and she becomes more water underneath. Inner thigh contains some very sensitive neurons that are very sensitive to touch, try this, and thank Clinicgists later.


Many men still don't focus on this during foreplay, as it pertains to dogs so it pertains to our women. No matter how that bulldog can be, just rub the head of that dog, you will see, it will instantly become solemn and turn to your friend, this also the same with woman, their hairs are very sensitive to touch especially when they just make their hairs, rub this or massage it gently when you are with your woman and yo won't beg her before you enter the narrow road, gently rubbing or massaging of a woman's head or hair, makes them become horny AND more naughtier during foreplay.


This is the least of women sensitive area, tickling of her earlopes during foreplay makes her happy and tickled, thereby releasing more of oxytocin hormones in her body and makes her becomes wet, try this during foreplay and se#ual coitus.

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