Diseases Ladies Can Get From Wearing Bumshorts [Must Read]


Wearing tight things can't be taken away from ladies, this had been from inception and for ages, many ladies chose to wear pimp and tighten cloths in order to look attractive to the opposite gender.

As a say, to every advantages, there are disadvantages, as a lady, you wearing skimpy skirts, shorts, to look attractive to opposite gender is not bad, but how long does these tighten things especially tighten undies stay on you.

Many ladies will come back from work, schools, but will still wear tighten undies instead of relieving themselves and allow fresh airs to blow to their vaggies, all this can contribute to how healthy your vaglna will be at present and when you reach certain age in life.

These are the lists of life threatening infections that a lady can acquire from wearing tighten things.


Bacteria vaginosis is an infection of the women private region, I have received various complaints on via my blog about some lady telling how they experience a smelly vagina, after they get wet under, after asking some questions, I noticed she is fond of wearing tighten undies, especially bum shorts always, when you wear tight undies, the pH of the vagina is altered and this gives room to opportunistic microbe to invade your vjay and colonies it, thereby, killing the beneficial microbe that support your vagina region, resulting in smelly vagina.

Vagina of a lady do breathe if you don't know, therefore most of the microorganisms that colonies your vagina and support your vagina against germs are aerobic bacteria that love air, so, give room to your hot spot to be in healthy state always by simply wearing woolen boxers instead of tighten bum shorts that can be detrimental to your hot spot.


These causes trichomoniasis, they are parasitic organisms that invade Vagina through heats, and can give room to itchy Vagina if care is not taken.


Fishy odour smells are common with ladies with poor hygiene practices, when you urinates, and you also like wearing tighten undies, then you are at risk of having fishy odour smell which are very irritating, and this can also be offensive to your partner and leads to breaking up of healthy relationship among couples or guys and ladies. Make sure you use clean water to wash the inner part of your hot spot very well and must be well clean before you put on your panties, if you fail to do this, you give room to opportunistic bacteria to invade and destroy your vaglna for you which can lead to fishy odour Vaglna.


These are whitish discharge from your vaglna that are very offensive to smell sometimes. A lady who suffer years infections may suffer pregnancy delay issues. Yeasts are fungus-like, and if you experience this, it can only be treated using anti fungal drugs or creams.

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