Why You Should Stop Using Toilet Rolls as Alternatives During Menstruation

Menstruation is the periodic blood flow of a woman cycle which comes every 21 to 35 days depending on individual women.

Some ladies have been into habits of using Toilet Rolls as a quick alternative if they can't easily get a sanitary pad around, maybe due to high cost or they just don't feel like buying or using it, but there is a reason why absorbent sanitary pads had been made for women to pack up their periods.

Its quite easy using absorbent sanitary pads during menstruation than using Tissue papers, because absorbent sanitary pads will easily absorbed the remnant blood flow which will be easily dispose and they are more tolerant than using Toilet rolls to pack up periods.

Toilet rolls are less of fragile absorbent tissue which can easily tear off and can't resist long hours of blood absorbency and can also easily find their way into a woman's inner vagina which may serves as deposit of dirt in the vagina tissues and may spring up an infections at later life.

Women should understand that what comes out of them, the periodic blood flow are dirt of remnant eggs mixed with blood when sperm could not able to fertilise it, so, when you use a tissue paper as substitute, you may invariably pack dirt back into your innermost vagina tissues unknowingly, some major rare reasons why most women come down with fibroids (a malignant tumour that makes your stomach  big). 

Absorbent sanitary pads are very affordable, get them for yourself and stop using tissues as substitute too clean or pack up yourself during your menstruation, it's quite delicate to your genitalia outer and innermost layers.

Hope this helps..


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