Why you should stop using pillows to sleep at Nights


Pillows are used for supporting heads or raised them up while you lied in your bed, many can't do without using pillows to support themselves while asleep, some don't even feel comfy if they sleep without pillows and they just have to look for something to raised their head up while on bed but do you know that majority of the neck cramps and pains are as a result of using pillows?

An Orthopedician won't encourage you too use pillows in most cases while you sleep and if at all you want to use pillow, go for the soften ones that will not be hard to your neck

Using pillows frequently while on bed to support your head and neck can cause serious neck pain, neck pain is a sharp discomfort of the tiny bones which binds the neck and this will make your neck stiff in most cases and you won't be able to turn your neck while walking or someone calls you, some experiences this a lot but some thought its normal and it will go overtime, but persistent using of pillows at night to sleep can leads to chronic neck pain and invariably affects the spines of your back.

Its very advisable for those suffering from strokes or any spinal discomforts to shun using pillows at nights to sleep because it will only worsen their health.

Prevent reoccurring neck pains by avoiding using of pillows to sleep, if at all you want to use pillow, go for very soften ones that will easily bury your head and neck in easily.

Hope this help.

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