4 Home Measures to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are one of the most deadliest smallest animals that will ever exist which caused majority of the death in the tropical regions and densely populated areas of the world.

They are know to transmit a trophozites into the blood stream in form of _Plasmodium falciparum_ which causes malaria fever. There is no way someone especially who reside in Nigeria can avoid mosquito bites because they are every where, most times, mosquito stings can be very annoying not only due to its hitching effects but also to the malaria fever that someone will be down with.

What's now the simple home available measures to adopt to prevent against mosquito bite?


If you know your immunity is not strong and you are always down with frequent fever whenever you are being bite by mosquito, then cultivate the habit of wearing long shirts and trousers to cover whole of your body. The clothes should be non perforated because mosquitoes bites by sticking out their long proboscis to invade their victims, therefore, wearing perforated clothes won't prevent you from their bites.

Mosquitoes have been known to be nocturnal insects which are mostly active during the nights, therefore before you go to bed, you can probably have a shower to avoid too much of heat, then put on a long clothed shirts and trousers, by these, they won't have their ways into you, this is the foremost method am personally using to protect myself against their bites, and have recorded a great success against having malaria for long time despite the fact that am a malaria victim.


This another important measures to take note for those who really can't incorcate the first habit, not often but sometimes, you must try as much as possible to be taking anti-malaria drugs even if you haven't notice the symptoms inside you. If you know you are always down with fever after mosquito bites, get yourself a very effective anti-malaria drugs and use it once in a while, this measure will render the trophozites inactive inside your bloodstream even if you have been bite many times by mosquitos. Sometimes taking of just paracetamol tablets can be effective against the initialization of malaria parasite since the first symptom of malaria begins with having recurring headaches but I strongly advice to desist from abusing these drugs, because too much of these drugs or incessant using of these drugs can be lethal to your health.


Not all herbs they sell out there are very hygienic enough and effective, but if you can see where they sell or someone who can prepare a very effective malaria herb, then I strongly advise to use it even if you aren't down with malaria, taking very hygienic and effective herbs is more better than drugs because of the cases of antibiotics resistance, routinely taking of synthetic drugs have been shown to be resistant to some microbes causing the malaria parasites, these why the scientist still haven't found the uttermost cure for malaria parasite using drugs because everyday, these parasite keeps developing resistance to these drugs, if you are given a particular drug often by your physician to treat malaria parasites (M. P), it's possible you will still be down with malaria fever after sometimes variably 14-21days after the usage of the drug because of the resistance of the microbes causing the malaria fever, therefore, taking a good and effective herb (agbo iba, as it is mostly called among the yorubas) will be active against developing a malaria fever. The malaria causative organisms haven't been proven to develop a resistance to herbs used in treating some certain ailments.


There are some mosquitoes repellant out there which are very active against mosquitos bites such as lavender flower oil, encalyptus oil, thyme leave oil, all these are plant which can easily be crushed with the mixture of olive oil, then, apply the mixture to your skin and it will work against mosquitoes, it's also been shown that eating of garlic have been active against mosquitoes bite due to its offensive odors, you can also use this to repel mosquitoes bite.

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