Reason Why You Can Easily Get Pregnant During Your Period

Ovulation is the release of eggs 14 days after a menstrual period starts. During ovulation, eggs are released waiting for sperm to fertilised it, however, inability of sperm to fertilise these eggs leads to monthly menstrual flow called menstruation.
Women's period varies from one women to another but the average length of an average woman menstruation last within 21 to 35 days depending on age.

Most ladies within ages of 12 to 21 sometimes have short menstrual period flow of around 21 days to 23days but as you age between 21 to 30 years, you may have normal lengthy days of 28 which is the most common cycle length of an average woman, but as a woman if you have short cycle period, you may become pregnant without knowing because there are possibility of twin ovulation.

Twin ovulation is the ability of woman to menstruate twice within one calender month, that is why teenage pregnancies are rampant worldwide.

How is this possible?
Spermatozoa are cells there fertilised eggs to form foetus in women's womb. Sperms have two chromosomal cells, X and Y cells, the Y cell is strong and can be easily denatured within 24 hours of release into a woman whereas, X cells are very stubborn and resilient, slow in movement and can last more than 5 to 7 days in a women's cervix.

If your are the type that experience long menstrual cycle of 7days, you are at danger of becoming pregnant during your period, remember, the day you starts your period, is the day your ovulation cycle starts to count, the 7th day you end your period makes it very nearer to your ovulation days.

A simple mathematical calculation will help;

You start your period on January 1st, by January 14th, there is high possibility of ovulation to occur, you end you period on January 7th, which makes it 7days nearer to your ovulation day, if you eventually meets a man on the last day of your period which is on the 7th, there is high chances that the dominant, resilient and stubborn X cell of the male sperm may be dormant in the cervix for 7 days, and on the day of your ovulation start, as the egg drops, then it might eventually meet with the male X cell of the sperm, which make you become pregnant and have high probability that the incoming developing foetus will be a female, because when X cell of male sperm meet the X cell of female eggs, then it forms female. Therefore, never underestimate the strength of some men sperms, not all released sperms are easily flush are washed away during period.

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