Why you Should Start Eating Jute Soups (Ewedu)


Jutes leafs, ewedu as it is always called in yoruba is a great leafy green vegetables that is found around us.

Many people love eating this soup because its an all rounder soup that can go with any swallow foods, such as amala(yam flour) pounded yam, and all sorts of swallow foods, but jute soup has its own great and fantastic health benefit to humans.

Jute soups contain vital vitamins such as vitamin k, B, C and vitamin A, also it contain high amount of iron supplements which is required by the body.

It helps the bone strengthening that's why its good of those who suffers from osteoporosis, arthritis, it supplies required calcium to the bone.

Vitamin K aids in preventing internal bleeding.

Vitamin B which also known as riboflavin plays an important role in maintaining the body collagen level which maintain the skin's health.

However, Vitamin A is a precursor for good eye sight which aids clear vision. The presence of vitamin C present in jute soup aids nasal decongestion and helps in fighting flu and cold.

Also, jute soups helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body and aids in maintaining healthy gum and teeth.

It is good for pregnant woman to eat a lot of Jute Leafs as it provides the womb with more mucus supplements and do help pregnant women in the day of delivery.

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