Bad Habits to Stop while on Toilet Seats & Its Possible Side Effects (MUST READ)


Water closest system (WC) is one of the most commonest type of toileting system that almost every homes uses aside pit toilet, water closet system is easy to use when you are pressed and are semi - automated which can be easily flushed off when done, but using of water closet system might probably caused hemorrhoids in men and women. 

These are some of the two habits you should avoid while on toilet seat.


Do you know sitting for a long time on toilet seat can cause hemorrhoid? Many toilet users can't do without taking their mobile phones along with them while visiting toilets, some preferred pressing their phones by browsing, making long calls, and watching films while they were on the toilet seat, but these are bad habits you must stop. 

Also, to some, when it's time to visit the toilet, that's when to read daily newspaper, browsing with their laptops, listening to news on radio which takes much of their time while on toilet seat.

You can easily develop piles upon piles which when you expose your outer anus sphincter to the toilet seat over a long period of time. 


Too much of eating sugar or sugary foods can be another contributor to developmemt of piles leading to hemorrhoids in humans, also, family history, that is, you easily develop hemorrhoid in your family line, can be a major contributor for development of piles leading to hemorrhoid in grown adults.


Some are found of bending their backs while on toilet seat, that's why pot toileting are not good means of toilet system, because you tends to bend your back a way too much which expose more of your anus out, also, when you bend or hack your back, you easily expose too much of your anus sphincter to the toilet. The proper way to use toilet is by sitting upright with your back flattened and your two legs shouldn't be too opened.

Some hemorrhoid overtime may go on their own while some can be removed through surgical operation. Using simple home measures such as applying ice blocks to the affected part to suppress this to a minimal level will help.

What You can Do if you develop Pile


Avoid taking sugary content foods such as yogurts, milk, tea. Also, if you take bread, take it with a soften agent or damp it inside a soften agent, don't eat bread without adequate drinking of water or damping it inside a soften agent before swallowing, sometimes, taking too much bread can cause hard stools. 


Buy suppositories at nearest pharmacy and apply to the affected pile, suppositories aids in make stool smoothen while coming out. Also, you can also apply Shearbutter to the affected part, they are alternative to suppositories.


Drink more water in a day if you have pile, this will aid soften of stools and easy passage 

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