Health Benefits of Eating Okro Soups.

Okro which is also called lady's finger technically belongs to the group of fruits with edible seed pods and has been widely planted across Africa and Asia.
Okro is very low in calories but packed with a lot of nutritional benefits. It's contains vitamin c and vitamin k. 

What are now the good side of eating Okro soup. 
Source of Vitamin C. 
Okro is rich in vitamin c which plays a role in boosting the immune system, adding Okro to your daily diet can really help your heart and aids the white blood cells in fighting and engulfing germs. 

Source of vitamin K
Okro is also rich in vitamin k which aids blood clotting. If you are the type that ouzed out blood with just a little cut on your skin, then Okro soup is good for you, it will help your blood to clot easily and heal up wounds faster. 

It helps in fighting cancers

Okro contains antioxidants called polyphenol, Polyphenol aids in fighting off molecules that caused free radicals in the body system which causes cancer, it also contains protein called lectin which serves as inhibitors to cancerous growth cells. 

Aid the Genital Areas. 
Okro is also rich in irons which supplies blood across the body system, especially, Men who loves eating Okro won't suffer from erectile dysfunctions, eating Okro daily, supplies required iron to the genital areas and make it firm and strong. 

Spiritual Effects of Eating Okro. 

Spiritual Effects. 
It is believed widely by the people that eating Okro can cause set back in life. Some denominations are against eating of Okro because the religion of thought believes that draw Soups mostly cause people's set back and also the people of the underworld mostly use it to attack or aim thier targets, but to some, they believe this idea and will never see Okro Soups in their homes while some doesn't believe that these Soups causes any set back. 

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