3 Reasons Why you Should Drink Water on Empty Stomach.

Water is life, water is good for the body system, without water in life, we may not live. Taking water very early in the morning when you wake up from your bed is an intregal part to get ready for the day and makes your body fits, below, I will pinpoints on why is essential to take water at early morning.

Taking about 2ltrs of water in a day is remedy for flushing out of body toxins that may cause infections and diseases. When you take water on empty stomach, it goes through the body stream and flushes out the unwanted body toxins in the body and prevents infections from springing up. 

People who tends to take water early morning have lesser chances of coming down with illness or diseases. Most people who takes water sweat a lots and eradicates those toxins through sweats or urination. 

Water aids the white blood cell functuality and increase the immune activity of the body system. When you feel thirsty, instead of going for soft drinks that contains sugar, why not get a bottle of chilled water to take, this helps the immune system to function well which prevent infections. 

Kidney stones are rare infection of the kidney but can occur to those who don't like taking much water. 
Taking water early in the morning flushes out some foreigners from your kidney and helps your kidney to function very well. 

It's no doubt, Doctors will advices you to take a lot of water whether in the morning or during the day, at least 2ltrs of water on average is okay to helps the kidney to function properly. 

Moreover, people who don't take much water tends to have coloured - darkish  urines, have you noticed why your urine is so much colored? It's because you don't take enough water, not that you are having malaria or any typhoid, so water helps the kidney that stores urine to function adequately and rejuvenate the body systems.

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