Why You Should Stop Biting Your Fingernails with Teeth


Majority of people both old and young are guilty of using their tooth to cut out their finger nails if there are no other means of cutting the outgrown fingernails, this act however can caused pains and discomforts thereby leading to development Hangnails. 

Using your personal nail cutters or new razor blades to cut your finger nails is the best measures you can adopt to cut outgrown fingernails instead of using your teeth.

What is Hangnails

Hangnails are those irritating, jagged pieces of skin that stiffly jut out from around the sides of your fingernails. They rarely occur on toes. Despite their name, hangnails are not part of the nail itself. They may be small, but the pain, irritation, and discomfort hangnails cause are not.

Some common causes of Hangnails 

Hangnails have multiple causes, including cracked, brittle skin. They may occur more often during winter, since skin is prone to dryness during cold weather.

Anything that dries out the skin of your hands can make you more prone to hangnails. For example, if you often immerse your hands in hot or cold water by washing dishes without gloves, or swim in a chlorinated pool, or are a healthcare worker who washes hands often, you may cause this condition to occur.

People who bite their nails, or clip their cuticles down too closely to the nail bed, may also get hangnails more often.

More than just a nuisance, Hangnails can pose a real risk for infections. Also, you can alternatively introduce some germs into your mouth which maybe detrimental to your body. 
Hang nails may cause whitlow, and infection that makes the side of your finger nails get swollen.
There is a myths which says if you deep the affected finger nails inside your faeces, it will relief you, this is a fallacy, don't try such, you even pose more risk of infecting yourself from this, however, faeces are undigested remnant or waste products from your body system.

How to prevent Hangnails

Stop biting your fingernails with your teeth, instead use a new razor blade or a nail cutter to remove hangnails

What to do if you develop Hangnails

As you know, hang nails can cause discomforts and pains, the best ways to prevent these are;

Apply Pressure

Apply pressure on the affected finger nail, though you might feel pain, but don't mind the pain, by this, you will gradually suppressing any pus that may want to form around that side (this one of the first aid method you can use) just use unaffected fingers to press down the areas for some seconds, do it for like two days, you will feel relieved the third day and it will go completely. Try it, it works faster. 

Use Drugs

Use pain killer drugs such as ibuprofen or  diclofenac to suppress the pains. 

Salt Water 

Deep your affected finger nails inside warm salt water, this will prevent infections such as whitlow to spring up, but this won't kill the pain immediately.

And if eventually the pain had gone past the above treatment, you can visit a nearby pharmacy or hospital to get better treatments.

Hope this helps 

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