5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Having Regular Push Ups


Push ups is a great exercise technique to burn out alot of calories from your body system, not all who tends to burn weights or reduce fatty tissues can go to gym to carry dead weights, therefore, push ups are great techniques exercise you practice at any corner of your homes.
Also taking 30 minutes walk a day, jugging is another great way to lose some calories in your body. 

What are the Health Benefits attached to Push Ups


Push up aids to build the mass of your triceps, shoulder, chest and improve your posture, doing about 50 push ups consecutively will help your body to generate more muscles, and gives you more rigidity to the body. 


Having daily push ups can help the flow rate of blood that flows to your heart, this in turn makes the heart to become more healthy and functioning for the day.


When you feel depressed, your heart functionality and immune system becomes weakened, your whole body becomes weak, having some capable count attempts of push ups daily can get you off from being depressed and encourage the serotonin hormones, that is the happy hormones to become more functional. 


Those who tends to do more push ups daily are less likely to develop any body sickness or weakness, its helps to fight off diseases and boost your immune systems against infections.

Push up is a great remedy technique that prevent back pains, neck pains, and also increases level of testosterone hormones in your body and the good benefits of this is, when you have at least some considerable counts of push ups at least about 30minutes before s3xual contact, you tends to last a bit longer than when you aren't doing any, also kegel exercise and push ups are great techniques that can improves s3x life and makes you a bit longer with your spouse.

Photo Credits: Bodybuilding.com

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