(MUST READ) Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Women Who Urinate Before S3x


S3x is one of the most pleasurable fun exercise two opposite individuals can have, but due to its pleasurable fun, majority are not even cognizant about the hygiene around s3x, some men just burger into women once they open there legs without due consideration of how clean they are down there. 

Women harbours more STDs infections in them than men, so, it's easy to contract s3xual infections in some women who are not that hygienic. 

Women hygiene should be a top notch but it's unfortunate, some women are not clean down there and this had cost their spouse spending money upon money to treat STD infections. 

Their is nothing called toilet disease, but a lady who goes to toilet to ease up herself without proper wiping and cleaning of her down part very well can endanger her spouse with infections. 

One of the mistakes or bad habits women does is, urinating with or without using clean water to clean up their vag3na or wiping their vag3na with towels from back to front thereby invariably introducing some dangerous germs into their vag3na weather after bath or before meeting with her spouse. 

Ladies proximity to infection is more longer than than the proximity to infections in men, especially those men with very sensitive skins. that's why it's easy for men to easily contact HIV or any other STDs from women with ease in less than a month of of having intercourse with an infected woman.

Lady who urinate right just before s3x without proper washing of her genitals put her own health and the health of her partner at risk.

What are the two Likely Infections You can Get with Unprotected coitus or from lady who urinate before s3x? 


A lady can harbour gonorrhoea in her and might not affect her until some certain weeks it start manifesting, but for men, within some days, you will start feeling discomfort after having unprotected s3x with an infected lady. 

Gonorrhoea is a life threatening infection if proper care is not taking care of, and one of the most painful symptom is an uncontrollable painful urination, you feel pains on your penile region, and this can cause you a lot discomforts which will require an antibiotics before it can heal, although some goes on there own without drugs over time but it still remain dominant till they become susceptible for manifestation. 


Another discomfort infection is genital warts or boils, and it's symptom includes seeing bumps around genital area of both parties, immediate washing or cleaning of genital areas very well after s3x with clean water can prevent development of bumps or warts around the genital areas. and these will in great way benefit both parties involve in having safe and healthy s3x. 

Some genital warts requires antibiotics while some goes on their own if you practice proper hygiene.

Bottom piece of this article is that, women should have a proper cleaning of their down part very well before engaging in any s3xual coitus with their man, after urination, some stubborn microbe may surface around the labia majora(vulva) or inside the minora(inner vag3na) which just need ordinary clean water to ward off, NEVER rush into intercourse with any man without proper washing of your vag3na before coital engagement.

It's is better and advisable to urinate immediately after coitus than urinating before sex, this act may in turn prevent urinary tract infections in women. 

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