Top 5 fruits/Veggies You Must not do without Eating in a Day

Fruits and veggies are great source of vitamins that gives us the essential nutrient needed for our body systems to function properly and makes it more healthy. 

These are lists of top 5 foodies you should try and eat in a day


Tomatoes contains lycopene which may helps to shield you from ultra violent radiations. Also lycopene fights free radicals that can affects the immune systems.


Avocado are good plants that aids to lower your cholesterol level.
It also contains fibers which aids in weights loss, reduce blood sugar spikes and increase the rate of digestion in the body


Cucumber are veggies that are of high nutritional values, they contains electrolytes which helps the body against dehydration. Also, they Contains Antioxidants, aids in Weight Loss, aids to Lower Blood Sugar level and keeps the body more functioning. 


Not everyone really likes eating grapes maybe because they aren't common like water melon, but grape fruits contains a very well healthy nutritional content. Eating grape fruits regularly boost your liver functionality. 


The least of this top veggies / fruits is garlic, garlic belongs to onion family and has proven to be one of the most underrated veggies people do ignore, if you are well close to Chinese or Indians, some can't do without eating garlic in a day, that tells you the most useful part of eating garlic regularly. 

Garlic helps to fights of infections, they contain anti oxidants, anti fungal, anti virus and antiseptic properties. They helps off to prevent cancerous growth and ward off diseases. 

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