If You Have Nanny or House helper in Your House, You Must Read This!


If you buy foods stuffs from the market especially green leafy vegetables, meats and co., in order to avoid or prevent cross contaminations or food poisoning, makes sure you or your house help or nanny washed them properly with clean water, on a clean dash board. Your nanny/house helps that will do that for you must practice a high level of hygiene always, because poisonous microorganisms can harbours on some foods from market that is not properly cooked or washed thoroughly. 

Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogens are few to one of the most dangerous food poisonous microbes that can be found on an uncooked well meats/leafy vegetables which can can leads to death within 30min of being ingested, also, Ẹscherichia coli with strain (0157:H7) is also one of the dangerous micro that invades colons / gastrointestinal tracts of man, and this strain can gets into your body due to ingestion from a contaminated water most especially and poor hygiene practices

Always makes sure your nannies / house helps wash their hands with adequate liquid soaps or detergents after washing your children bumbum, E.coli organisms like I mentioned above can also be found thier way into foods thru faecal contaminations and causes food poisoning. 

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